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[Kid Review] - Shade Dogs

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Developed by: Bombajam

Platforms: iOS

Price: $0.99

Release Date: April 15, 2013

Buy on iTunes

As a parent, it's sometimes tough to know what games are going to be fun for your kids. Especially younger kids. We here at Gamercide wanted to do something about that problem. That said, enter our first review (That I can think of) written by one of our little ones. The way I approached this was to allow him to play the game and then I wrote a list of questions for him to answer that are basically the same ones I would answer myself when writing any review. My son is 7 years old and when he heard the idea of being able to get a game, play it through, and then answer a few questions about it, he was over the moon excited. Keep in mind while reading the answers, I have not edited them or changed anything. This is his honest review of the game after playing it through to completion twice. So without further delay here's Hayden's review of Shade Dogs:

Q: What is the game about?

A: It's a game about solving puzzles to give dogs shade. You use different stuff to stack up and make sure the doggies are not too hot out in the sun. They look super hot until you get them some shade.

Q: How do you play it?

A: You use your finger on the iPad to move around coolers blocks or other stuff to stack up and make shade. You have to figure out the puzzles sometimes to get the pieces you need to make enough shade. Some of them are easy puzzles but they get harder as you play further in. I liked the robot stages the best.

Q: Do you like the graphics? Why?

A: I love the way everything looks. Everything is so cute and colorful. I especially like all the different doggies.

Posted Image

Q: Do you like the sounds and music? Why?

A: The sounds are funny sometimes. There's fart noises in sections that made me laugh (Dad Note: This is totally true, I heard the fart noise from his room and he laughed for a good 2 or 3 minutes straight). The music is jazzy and made me want to dance. I'm going to ask to have it on my MP3 player.

Q: Was it fun? Why?

A: It is super fun because it's fun. It made me feel good to help the cute doggies find shade. It made me feel smart when I finished the puzzles too. I hope they add more levels soon because it was sort or short.

Posted Image

Q: Would you recommend the game to your friends? Why?

A: I would tell my friends to play it. I think they would have fun playing it and I could help them if they wanted me to. I also think they would like the fart noises (Dad Note: They totally did like them. His buddies laughed just like he did when they heard it).

And there you have it folks, what I think is our first kid review of a game. After watching him play it on the iPad, I think it was a little easy for him and hope they bring some harder puzzles out in an update. However, overall, he, his friends, and his sister had a great time with it. For $0.99 you can't go wrong with fart noises, jazzy music, and cute doggies. If you have smaller kids, I think this would be right up their alley.

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Haha, that's great. I'm glad he enjoyed our little game, and thanks for the review! We're hoping to add more levels soon. :)


Thanks for the review Hayden!

- Ben from Bombajam

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Thanks Ben. Meant a lot for him to see a comment from you. He's highly anticipating more levels.

Glad you guys dug his review. He seriously enjoyed doing it. Any time he or his sister can do one, I know they will.

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That was a great review.  Say thanks to your little one Spawn and tell him that he will always have a job here with us our "Jr. Reviewer" :D


I agree with the others.  I think this is something that we should do more of with child reviews of children games.  This is something we should look into for those of us that have kids.......you know for in the future.  Like Fap said above, a child's opinion is completely unbiased.

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