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  1. I loved being my own boss, but owning your own business brings in it's own mental shit and then some. lol I hope you manage it well and enjoy it. I also hope your friendship can withstand the stresses of owning a company together.
  2. Been good, man. How about you?
  3. $20K? Yeah, hell naw lol. Bet it sounds orgasmic, though.
  4. Yeah you went ape shit, damn! I imagine gaming on that is pretty damn great as well.
  5. Here's another for you then lol
  6. The combat needs a lot of work. I'll come back to it after they fully release the game
  7. Luring Pogre to the forums with some early Maynard, so he'll hopefully see his birthday thread in General DIscussion.
  8. This song always wrecks me for personal reasons, but I love it. I miss her, and I miss Motown.
  9. Fucking nice setup! See this, Pogre? http://www.blabbermouth.net/news/dead-cross-feat-mike-patton-dave-lombardo-debut-album-completed/
  10. Crazy ass Mike Patton and Kaada music vid just released
  11. Seriously? I'm still thinking their partnership ending with Ping Perfect was due to something like this. Also ... HOTFIX 03.03.2017 A hotfix has been released. Please restart your games and update your servers.Bugs and Fixes Updated server settings to remove decay on placeables If you are running a private server you can roll back to a previous game database by copying and renaming the file called "game_build_25635.db" to "game.db" in your Saved folder. We advise you to keep a copy of the "game_build_25635.db" just in case. Apparently placeables without a foundation (wheels of pain, altars etc) decayed and vanished in a couple hours after that huge update. When it rains it pours.
  12. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the large download size of today's patch. We made changes to visual materials, textures, and other assets--our system needed to re-build all affected assets, which in turn requires everybody to re-download said assets. We'll be mindful of this for the future.
  13. NOTE:Graphical materials and textures were re-calculated in this build, which will result in a large download size (~14gb). We apologize for the inconvenience.
  14. There's no way this new update is 14GB's in size. I think it has to do with their DRM.
  15. It's part of the 14.0GB update I am downloading for Conan.
  16. Someone's been peeking on your progress, @Dateranoth Added ability to restrict PvP time on a server Added ability to set start time, end time and specific days for when PvP is enabled on a server Added ability to restrict when players may damage buildings owned by other players Added ability to set start time, end time and specific days for when players may damage the buildings owned by other players Added ability to restrict avatar summoning on a server Added ability to set start time, end time and specific days for when avatars can be summoned Added ability to modify damage caused by NPCs Added ability to modify damage caused by players lol
  17. We just used direct connection in the Conan server browser. No matter what, Steam's server list won't show the Gamercide server for him. Shows up for me, though. If that hadn't worked, we were gonna put the port into the launch parameters.
  18. Many RP servers will enjoy the raid and avatar protection for sure. Many set aside a weekend day or even the full weekend for raiding only. Also, and this isn't mandatory or something we would ask often -- if you're enjoying the utilities @Dateranoth has put out for Conan, please consider making a small donation. All donations go straight to Gamercide's hosting. Thank you for your consideration! https://www.dreamhost.com/donate.cgi?id=16156
  19. I belong to many Discord channels, but always hear the text to speech from the Gamercide Discord alerting me of a restart. I'd say until Dateranoth can implement that, to have them go ahead and all join the one Discord you have it working on right now.
  20. I'll give that a shot next update.
  21. I've thought that as well and look in taskmngr and see nothing. Just odd that if I verify files for the game, it then lets me download without the error.
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