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  1. Movie Night = Success!

    So, are we ready to plan this? I could do a Thursday night if it wasn’t too super late.
  2. A thing happened....

    lol. It’s better a large wishlist then an unplayed game list. Love me some PC. Did you enjoy Doom?
  3. House Work

    Man. I was close to being out of debt. Then we decided to buy this new place. Haha. And now a new car. Oh well, another decade or two maybe. Glad to hear all is going well for you.
  4. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I just finished up the DLC. Not as good as the main story, but it was still fun. I can’t recommend this game enough.
  5. Switch

    It’s the time for me to buying this right now. I really want to pull the trigger. No super super great deals, but it’s a good price. I just have to convince myself I’ll actually play with t to justify the purchase.
  6. Conan Exiles Server Utility

    It has certainly gone through growing pains. Still, there are several strong communities playing and running servers.
  7. We have a Rust server

    I will have to drop in too sometime. Let me know when you guys plan on getting together.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone is having a good day. I’m thankful for our community!
  9. [One Man's Opinion] Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Great review Spawn. Makes me want to play this even more. I haven't picked up a game in a while, but winter is almost here so I should have more time.
  10. We have a Rust server

    Spawn is playing Rust! The conversion is complete.
  11. Movie Night = Success!

    I would like to do this again too. I've been wanting to do The Flight Before Christmas.
  12. A thing happened....

    SSD is a must now. You can snag a 250gb 850 pro for around $90 or less now, if for no other reason than to throw your OS and a couple of games on it. I would highly suggest it before anything else. You should be in pretty good shape for 1080p. My last big step was moving to 1440p. I found a deal on a Dell with GSync that I couldn't pass up.
  13. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I have the DLC for the latest Dishonored that I need to play, and I'm waiting for the Horizon DLC to drop. I don't know why that game pulled me in so much, but it really did. It's the first game in a long time that I have every trophy for just because I wanted a reason to keep playing.
  14. Switch

    I'll be honest, I haven't given the Switch much though. It does sound like it's a good console though. I might keep an eye out for a sale or a decent used one.
  15. xbox one x in november - interested?

    Too bad they don't make them modular. Would be a good thing if you could go buy a new video card, pop out the old, and boom. However, I'm ok with the concept as long as they force developers to make sure their games run correctly on the older hardware.