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  1. Still Around ?

    Still here. I’m not sure on Discord. I think you can connect Steam and some other things to it to add friends. Not really sure why I keep it up to date, but I do. We actually have Gamercide.com now too. Haha. One day I’ll move it.
  2. Forza 7 Elitists !

    It's all good man. Hope things get better.
  3. PK!

    Hope it's a good one.
  4. Watermelons

    Happy Birthday !!!
  5. [One Man's Opinion] Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I finally got to the game and finished it. It was losing me at first with the first set of puzzle levels, but I stuck through it. I have to say this game was amazing. Somehow it grabbed on and pulled me into her reality. I definitely have never played anything like it. By the end I'm pretty sure I was actually feeling the same way she was. It's a pretty intense game, and I highly recommend everyone giving it a shot.
  6. We have a Rust server

    My brother has been using the server off and on. You guys still playing?
  7. GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Multiplayer Mod

    This does look pretty damn cool. How does this work? I thought Rockstar banned on online mods? Even without I would like to play some regular GTA sometime. I still have it installed.
  8. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Yeah, it was the animals that made it so boring. It takes an exciting game and boils it down to a grind. The only hard part is making the little assholes spawn. Regardless, it was fun, and I did enjoy Frozen Wilds as well. Definitely my favorite PS4 game to date.
  9. Forza 7 Elitists !

    I haven't jumped into a good racing sim in a long time. I use to play the hell out of Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed, and Gran Turismo with friends. I had a short stint with Dirt 2, but that's about it. You started playing this yet?
  10. Still Around ?

    Hey Sheck, Kevin, and DC! Good to see you all. We are still around, but it's been pretty damn slow. I keep the lights on, but we've mostly moved to Discord with the rest of the Kiddies.
  11. Movie Night = Success!

    lol. Still waiting as usual. I believe we had tentative plans, and I might have dropped the ball on that one.
  12. [One Man's Opinion] Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Pip gifted this to me over Christmas. I'm going to play it when I finish Death of the Outsider.
  13. Switch

    I know I'm going to end up with one, but I'm going to have to wait until it's on sale. I don't mind buying it, but I'm so far behind on playing games on the PC I feel like it will be more wasted money. Now, if I can get my wife to start playing it, that would be worthwhile.
  14. To the man who keeps us all together

    Ooh. Good shit there. Thanks man. I know I haven’t been around much, but I’m always thinking of you all!
  15. Movie Night = Success!

    So, are we ready to plan this? I could do a Thursday night if it wasn’t too super late.