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  1. Long time no update, but here it is. V2.15.0 This is a feature request release. Mods are automatically downloaded, updated, and sorted in user selected order. This release also downloads SteamCMD if it is not found.
  2. Dropped the ball on this one by a mile. Happy way belated.
  3. lol. It was entertaining. Had a blast.
  4. We are still on right? I'm prepping the movie now.
  5. Well, you pretty much summed this up in 4 words. fucking idiot is right.
  6. That copter is pretty cool.
  7. Damnit all. I'm always late to the party. Hope you had a great birthday!
  8. Looks like we are planning this coming Friday as the next night. Subject to change, but that's the current plan.
  9. Hope you've had one great birthday Kevin!
  10. lol. That was pretty good.
  11. That would be cool too.
  12. Hope you had a great Birthday!
  13. Surrender is pretty cool. Would be awesome if they could make it a real possibility. Like, once you surrender you have to give them access to your inventory. So they can disarm you etc without killing you.
  14. BE!

    Fortunately I did actually wish you Happy Birthday through other media!
  15. Had so much fun my computer decided to give up the next day. Going to be sending my motherboard out for RMA tomorrow. I will be without a PC for at least two weeks, but I can still join in with a laptop if we decide to do one before then.