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  1. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Can’t agree more. The Witcher 3 was amazing and released on multiple platforms. Where The Witcher 3 was their mic drop moment, I’m hoping for more from the Horizon IP
  2. xbox one x in november - interested?

    That’s a good point. Luckily I’m still not that intrigued by consoles. Just the occasional great game that comes through.
  3. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I bought Death of the Outsider on preorder and still haven’t started it.
  4. House Work

    lol. I just need a bigger garage. It works out here because I have the basement for extra storage, but a bigger work space in the garage would have been nice.
  5. I can't sleep

    Amen. Haha. Umm. Two stars mean special? I dunno.
  6. Movie Night = Success!

    We haven’t tried in a while, but we are due for one if we can get everyone together.
  7. xbox one x in november - interested?

    I’m ok with it as long as the games are required to play on all systems. Though, considering they usually take a loss on hardware, I’m not really sure what the end game is.
  8. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Me too. Though, it’s an unfair assessment at the snails pace I’ve been playing.
  9. House Work

    lol. Garage is a permanent eventuality.
  10. Conan Exiles Server Utility

    I think we have it sorted out. Also sent the link to the utility you wanted for starting remotely. I'll add it to GitHub when I get home if it works.
  11. Conan Exiles Server Utility

    @Spirit Let me know if I can help. I can try to restart it from my end to test if you want.
  12. Conan Exiles Server Utility

    If the error happens when you try to connect to perform the restart then it is probably an error on the client. Try the restart tool on a different PC and see if it works. One of our admins here has a problem on his PC where it won't connect some times. However I can always connect.
  13. House Work

    Haha. Yep. I need to get a tool box. The shelf is half chemicals and half tools. I should this weekend since harbor freight has a 25% off coupon, but I've spent too much money lately. It'll have to wait.
  14. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I'm not too concerned with length if the game is fun. It's on the list. Along with a lot of other games. Haha
  15. House Work

    lol. I carried my tools up them. They aren't as narrow as they look. I think the previous owner built them to wheelchair size maybe? I took a foot off of them and they are still at minimum code length of 3 feet not counting the hand rail. It's mainly the bottom post location. It causes the main entry to be about 6 inches narrower than the rest. I should have changed it, but it was enough work taking it all down and putting it back the same way. I had to modify the top, and I did not have the exact right material. You can't see it but, the top post is a little short. I had the 4x4 on hand so that's what it gets. It's just a garage anyway. lol