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Found 14 results

  1. Installation Instructions: Place 7dServerUtility.exe in the same directory as 7DaysToDie.exe and run once. It will create a default INI file that you will need to modify for your server. Once you have modified the ini, restart the script and enjoy. If you want to use Putty to safely shutdown the server, then visit http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/download.html and download puttytel.exe . Place puttytel.exe in the same directory as 7dServerUtility.exe Remote Restart Instructions: Run 7dServerRemoteRestart.exe from anywhere. It will create a default INI file that you must modify
  2. I modified my Cube World Server Utility to work with 7 Days to Die. I also added a customizable ini file. NOTE! If you do not use the PuttyTel client to restart all restarts are hard restarts. The server process is closed, and it is closed when you exit the script. I have tested this, and it doesn't seem to be affecting save files, but you have been warned. Features: Optional Daily RestartsKeep Server Alive. Restart on CrashLog Excessive Memory UseOption to Restart on Excessive Memory UseOption to Remotely Restart ServerLogs restart request, current memory being used, and if the utility reques
  3. Once the tutorial is complete the rest of the menu is opened and you are free to enjoy all of the games modes. Campaign, Zombie Survival, Wave Survival, Gladiator matches, Base matches, Death matches, even a league of legends like Space Defense League. The graphics are good for an indie title and the sound is excellent, but what really sets this game apart is the story and universe it creates. With a wonderful sense of humor I haven’t felt since the heyday of Sierra’s games Space Quest and King’s Quest, Ring Runner brings you in and doesn't let up until the nitros soaked thrill ride is over.
  4. Batch File and AutoIT Script designed to work together. The AutoIT Script is not required, but they work better together. There is a stand alone AutoIT Script below that doesn't require the Batch file. Finally, I have included a AutoIT Script to remotely restart the server when used with one of the Server Scripts. The remote restart will require you edit the source of the AutoIT scripts if you wish to change the listening IP, port, and password required for restart. They should work together by default, but you will need to open port 54321 on the Server. ::V1.1-Added Task Kill of AutoIT Scri
  5. Updated July 20, 2013! Utility for logging Cube World Server, restarting daily, restarting on crashes, closing crash window, and remotely restarting. Download Utility Here (Logging Batch File and AutoIT Script) Download Stand Alone AutoIT Script Here (No Batch File Required) Download Remote Restart Utility Here (Requires one of the AutoIT Scripts to be running. Allows Server to be remotely Restarted)Batch File and AutoIT Script designed to work together. The AutoIT Script is not required, but they work better together. There is a stand alone AutoIT Script below that doesn't require the Batch
  6. As I said, I have never touched a Dead Island game before and I was worried I wouldn’t be the right person to review its follow-up, however after playing the game; I think my fears were unwarranted. While the game isn’t great, it’s not terrible by any means. The visceral feeling of dismembering zombies with all sorts of weapons really works, especially in co-op. There are tons of quests, environments, weapons, and zombie types to keep things fresh throughout. Also, the character progression system is much like other games of the type and gives you the “One More Level” feeling that any good gam
  7. Developed by: Techland Published by: Deep Silver Distributed by: Square Enix Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 Release Date: April 23, 2013 Available on Steam for $39.99 Physical Copy Available for $49.99 Dead Island Riptide is the follow up to the 2011 game Dead Island. The original was fairly well received and sold very well. That said I’ve never touched the original game. Will this be a hindrance or a blessing for Riptide? Read on and find out if I had as much fun bashing zombies around as most or if I put down my machete and walked away disappointed. As I said, I have never touched a Dead Islan
  8. AirBuccaneers originally was conceived back in 2004 as a mod within Unreal Tournament III during Epic's "Make Something Unreal" contest. Now almost ten years later a new and improved standalone version has graced my PC's hard drive and I have to admit to you I'm completely hooked! There is just something so mind-bogglingly satisfying about taking to the skies in a hot air balloon of death and watching your enemies plummet to the ground in a fiery blaze after a hail of cannon fire. Original Unreal Tournament III screenshot. The game, while simple in premise, offers enough diversity to kee
  9. Developed by: LudoCraft Ltd. Published by: LudoCraft Ltd. Platforms: PC Release Date: Dec 5th, 2012 Available on Steam for $14.99 (3/25/13 - On sale today for $5.09 which is 66% off!!!) If last year you approached me to say you had an idea to create a game where you pilot hot air balloons which are loaded up with cannons, rockets and flamethrowers I would have to say my interest would have been piqued. Throw in persistent character leveling, hilarious taunts (you really have to hear these to believe them), ship boarding, round it all out with two opposing forces of vikings and pirates and I wo
  10. Graphics card maker nVidia has issued an apology to GeForce GPU users who have encountered "major performance and stability issues" with Tomb Raider in maximum settings. Tomb Raider (2013) Screenshot nVidia's Andrew Burnes placed the blame on Crystal Dynamics failing to provide a final build of the game with enough lead time ahead of its release, which introduced new issues that were not present in previously-provided builds. "We are aware of major performance and stability issues with GeForce GPUs running Tomb Raider with maximum settings," said Burnes. Read on Source/Credit [CVG]
  11. PeeKnuckle

    Dungeon Hearts

    Coming Soon to PC/Mac/iOS/Android
  12. Coming Soon to PC/Mac/iOS/Android Click here to view the article
  13. Released today. Buy on Steam
  14. Released today. Buy on Steam Click here to view the article
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