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  1. Movie Night = Success!

    http://showgoers.tv/ Showgoers is an easy way to watch Netflix remotely with your friends or loved-ones. No more 3-2-1 play. Just start a watching party and Showgoers handles the rest. You can even chat while you watch.
  2. I can't sleep

    Insomniac Ava is a fucking lunatic. lol <3 *edit* wtf I have two stars, too
  3. House Work

    Have you taken groceries up those stairs yet? It's reminding me of the side patio stairs I once had. I'd have to walk sideways up them when I had bags in my hands. lol "Quick action" got a genuine laugh from me. hahaha
  4. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    Short from what I've heard, but also worth the price point.
  5. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    It looks absolutely crazy. The facial animations are pretty amazing.
  6. Life Update - Overdue as Hell

    https://discord.gg/q6gQBj That link will expire in one day. If you didn't get it in time, shoot me a msg on Steam.
  7. Movie Night = Success!

  8. Conan Shenanigans

  9. Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    This has Dat written ALL over it!
  10. Conan Shenanigans

  11. Happy Birthday Stealthy!

    Happy birthday, Stealthy!
  12. Ayyy 'Los!

    He never came into his own birthday thread. You could have said happy birthday and he would be none the wiser. lol
  13. Ayyy 'Los!

  14. Movie Night = Success!

    Telling you all right now ... Trolls was a good movie. Surely I wouldn't have laughed as much if Dat, Pip and BE weren't there, but I enjoyed it. lol P.S. BE is picking next movie
  15. Movie Night = Success!

    I think we need to wait on Ava. I'll look in Discord to see when she said she'd be home.