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  1. Avahra


    fuck i want watermelon so bad now
  2. Avahra

    Movie Night = Success!

    Wed/Thurs nights are the best for me. Those are my days off lol
  3. Avahra

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    I own it but haven't played it yet. It's fucking beautiful on ps4 tho
  4. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    I'm worth at least 2.5 stars
  5. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    I just thought about bread and started laughing
  6. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    I just read a really sad article but I didn't cry beause crying is for babies
  7. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    I was like let me drop these panties for you and he was like nah my parents wont let me date
  8. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    You know what else is weird? Fucking dreams. Not that I'm having any because I'm awake lsat night i had a dream about a guy I went to highschool with who I haven't spoken to in YEARS WHAT WAS HE DOING IN MY DREAM I had the biggest crush on that kid too. Fucker blue balled me so hard
  9. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    I should go to the gym. But its 1am and that just weird
  10. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    On my "time hop" on facebook I had this soundcloud posted I know it was one of you guys. But I can't remember who. W
  11. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    Why do I have two stars next to my name I have so many questoins
  12. Avahra

    I can't sleep

    This is absolute bullshit Why is this happening I love sleeping fuck you body fuck you brain
  13. And I have nobody to complain about it to
  14. Avahra

    Life Update - Overdue as Hell

  15. Avahra

    Movie Night = Success!

    I had so many of those as a kid. Prob worth bazillions now