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  1. Pretty good pk. Aside from a mental breakdown, quitting my job of 20 years and starting my own business things are pretty much the same. Yeah, a lot has been going on in my life the last couple of years. I never in a million years thought I'd be doing something like this. Kinda scary, kinda fun. Home inspection is the business. HIP is the name of the company. Partnered up with a friend of over 20 years. This is our Web page. https://hiphomehelp.com
  2. Too rich for my blood too. You reach a point of quickly diminishing returns in that price range. How ya been pk?
  3. Oh yeah, sounds amazing. I have 2 more speakers behind me for surrounds. They're a match for the one in the middle in those pics. They're all from SVS' Ultra line of speakers. Like I said, I haven't added to it for quite a while now. I simply can't afford to make a significant upgrade from what I have now. It'd cost stupid money to do it. Last year I got to listen to a pair of B&W speakers that sell for about 20 grand for the pair.
  4. Thanks pk! Tho some things have evolved since I last posted here... Now I think we could say I've gone apeshit! I'm done now tho. Haven't bought any new equipment in a while now. I wish I could share just how good it sounds. I bought a miniDSP and a microphone and figured out how to take measurements and make adjustments. I have smooth, even bass throughout the listening area and everything is as close to being perfectly balanced as I could get it. Right now I'm running a grand total of about 5000 watts between my amp and subwoofers. Watchin
  5. I've seen that video before! Freaking Maynard has always been a freak, lol. *Heads out to snoop out birthday thread*
  6. I did not! I think it's awesome that he's still around and relevant. Very cool. And thanks. it took me a couple years to put that all together. The guys on the Audioholics forums helped me a ton. It's by far the nicest system I've owned. 2 Hsu VTF-3 MK5 fifteen inch subwoofers with variable tuning and eq settings (600 watts RMS, 2000 watts peak, each) Pair of SVS Ultra bookshelf/stand speakers (a little big for a bookshelf). Denon AVR X1100W receiver with 4k pass through and all the current surround codecs Pair of Promonitor 1000 surround speakers Custom
  7. On this! Just got the subs a couple weeks ago. Sounds freaking awesome. *Edit: That's Misty on the floor. She likes Chevelle and Tool too.
  8. pk I remember the I'm the man video. it was one of the first songs to incorporate rap with metal. I used to love anthrax.
  9. figured I'd go outside the box and post some tool.
  10. on a side note, and somewhat related to the topic, I just upgraded my home theater. went a little apeshit, but I love music and now it sounds so good! this is what what I got: 2 of these https://www.svsound.com/products/sb-1000 a pair of these https://www.svsound.com/products/ultra-bookshelf and a new receiver. https://usa.denon.com/us/product/hometheater/receivers/avrx1200w by far the best system I've ever had. those bookshelf speakers are nothing short of amazing. they're studio monitor and reference grade speakers. and paired with
  11. yeah, it's holy shit. my son is now 18. things are settling down and he's manning up. still in school, straight a's and working almost full time. his girlfriend had a falling out with her parents so she's living part of the time here and most of the time with my in laws. makes babysitting much easier. the baby was born august 1st and his name is... august. happy, healthy and looks great. I'm still pretty pissed off at the whole thing, but like I said, he's handling it. so there's a little bit of pride mixed in with my anger over it.
  12. if you're a fan of the trailer park boys, this version is even better.
  13. I'm hanging in there pk. things are good. I still get notifications when someone posts in a thread I've been active in so I thought I'd pop in and say hi. mebbe brag about my home theater upgrade. oh yeah, I'm a grandpa now too...
  14. I remember that puya video pk. I like that song. I'm still waiting for freaking tool to release their new one.
  15. I love you, Panfoot. Actually, I love Tool. Here's a very cool video I posted at the ATC many moons ago. Word is, they're coming out with a new cd this year. I tentatively heard May? Anyone have any info on that?
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