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  2. GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Multiplayer Mod

    Dude, some of those GTA IV nights with GC was soooo good. Getting drunk and then laughing our asses off. Great times.
  3. GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Multiplayer Mod

    Is this a thing we want to do? I mean, I don't own GTAV on PC yet, but might be down for some GTA multiplayer again. Would be like old times.
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  5. GTA V Zombie Apocalypse Multiplayer Mod

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  7. Switch

    As far as consoles, the Switch is my absolute favorite. Between Breath of the Wild and Mario Odyssey, there’s so much to love. Not to mention the absolute avalanche of great indie titles and 3rd party support it’s getting. If you want to have a full fledged console you can take with you to work and on trips, it’s worth it. Great system.
  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I’m late but, gobble gobble everyone.
  9. A thing happened....

    I finished Doom about 5 Times on PS4. Going to put some real playtime in on the PC games after we get settled back to a routine. Holidays generally kick my ass for time to do anything.
  10. Horizon Zero Dawn

    Wound up picking it up for $20. I’ll get to it eventually. Ok, eventually means in a year or more. Probably way more.
  11. Movie Night = Success!

    I am down for whenever.
  12. We have a Rust server

    Just hopped off a little bit ago. Had to go install the new glass windows on all my bases. lol
  13. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Happy Thanksgiving all. <3
  14. Movie Night = Success!

    So, are we ready to plan this? I could do a Thursday night if it wasn’t too super late.
  15. A thing happened....

    lol. It’s better a large wishlist then an unplayed game list. Love me some PC. Did you enjoy Doom?
  16. House Work

    Man. I was close to being out of debt. Then we decided to buy this new place. Haha. And now a new car. Oh well, another decade or two maybe. Glad to hear all is going well for you.
  17. Horizon Zero Dawn

    I just finished up the DLC. Not as good as the main story, but it was still fun. I can’t recommend this game enough.
  18. Switch

    It’s the time for me to buying this right now. I really want to pull the trigger. No super super great deals, but it’s a good price. I just have to convince myself I’ll actually play with t to justify the purchase.
  19. Conan Exiles Server Utility

    It has certainly gone through growing pains. Still, there are several strong communities playing and running servers.
  20. We have a Rust server

    I will have to drop in too sometime. Let me know when you guys plan on getting together.
  21. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Hope everyone is having a good day. I’m thankful for our community!
  22. We have a Rust server

    Headset is really useful for hearing wolves and bears creeping up on you.
  23. Movie Night = Success!

    I’m off work every Friday for the rest of the year, so I am down for a Thursday or Friday night some time.
  24. A thing happened....

    Honestly pretty shocked how good this PC runs games. Doom defaulted to medium settings, but I figured I would give it a shot...cranked it all up and was at a pretty constant 60fps. Everything I’ve tried so far has been great. I don’t expect everything to be optimized, but it’s awesome to look at my Steam library and know I can actually play stuff. One drawback, so much added to my wishlist now it hurts.
  25. We have a Rust server

    I really had fun. Need to get a mic worked out, but for now I think I can do Discord on my phone. We’ll try it out pretty soon.
  26. [One Man's Opinion] Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    I really did enjoy the hell out of this one. I rarely finish games any more, but this one definitely was something I felt I HAD to finish.
  27. We have a Rust server

    You have no idea how excited I was when Spawn PM'ed me over Steam wanting to play Rust. I dropped what I was doing and logged right in. lol
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