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  1. Yesterday
  2. He never came into his own birthday thread. You could have said happy birthday and he would be none the wiser. lol
  3. Long time no update, but here it is. V2.15.0 This is a feature request release. Mods are automatically downloaded, updated, and sorted in user selected order. This release also downloads SteamCMD if it is not found.
  4. Dropped the ball on this one by a mile. Happy way belated.
  5. Last week
  6. Earlier
  8. lol. It was entertaining. Had a blast.
  9. Telling you all right now ... Trolls was a good movie. Surely I wouldn't have laughed as much if Dat, Pip and BE weren't there, but I enjoyed it. lol P.S. BE is picking next movie
  10. I think we need to wait on Ava. I'll look in Discord to see when she said she'd be home.
  11. We are still on right? I'm prepping the movie now.
  12. Well, you pretty much summed this up in 4 words. fucking idiot is right.
  13. That copter is pretty cool.
  14. You can build treehouses on our Rust server and even use a mine lift as your elevator into your sky high treehouse.
  15. I wanna get back into Rust sometimes, but I just lack the motivation. I enjoyed Ark more, I think - mostly because you could tame dinos and build treehouses and shit. And also a t-rex would wander into your camp and just wreck all your shit randomly, so it was never safe.
  16. Happy birthday!
  17. Nature is rad! LET'S PISS IT OFF! It's basically 5 minutes of setup, 10 minutes of him rolling on the ground crying, then 5 minutes of wrap.
  18. I'm going to need to get really drunk for this
  19. I had so many of those as a kid. Prob worth bazillions now
  20. nature is NEAT let me harass it until it stings me
  21. Yup, he's a dingus.
  22. Is a fucking idiot
  23. Ya'll don't even know how SAD I AM that this group broke up
  24. I"m birthdy party late! happy late birthday! (You can celebrtae today too because I said so)
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