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  1. Batman Vs Superman was pretty horrible. Nothing about it was right. There's not a redeeming thing I can thing of for the film. This just looks like more of the same. I just can't fathom how they are screwing it up this bad.
  2. Just gonna leave that here....
  3. You're gd right I did. Watched it like 4 times. It's such an amazing show.
  4. Now I most definitely would... Good enough for PK, good enough for everybody.
  5. <slowly raises hand> I would...
  6. Read there will be no dicks on Xbox. Guess I won't be purchasing it there.
  7. It's a tough game for sure. Way tougher than I expected, even on normal difficulty. I started out going full stealth, but restated the game completely to make a more balanced character. Helped quite a bit. Only lost a few hours of work.
  8. I'm about 4 hours in and it's amazing. Deserves all the praise it's been getting. Between this one and Zelda, I'm set for a long time to come. Also, stuff like this: https://mobile.twitter.com/spawn622/status/838888743419449347 Be sure to check out photo mode as well.
  9. It was noted. I can't let you give me something that may sit for a long time before I can actually use it. Wouldn't feel right. Awesome offer for sure.
  10. Now, this is exactly the type of support system a guy trying to pay off his wife's student loans needs. lol
  11. Every time I come to this thread I see the bouncy fruit basket and then realize I'm at work. Must resist dropping money for a real PC to play games with you guys. MUST. RESIST.
  12. Damn those are awesome. I've looked in to getting one, but just don't have anywhere to use it right now. As soon as we build us a place and I have a proper shop, that isn't my kitchen table, I will have one.
  13. So....There's cock and balls in the game? <Spawn goes to Steam>
  14. All of the above. I'm working on it guys. I've been sick as hell, so I haven't done anything but lay around in bed.
  15. I watched PK's video just now. Immediately went and purchased the Humble Bundle that contains Rust.