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  1. I'm getting an error message with using the new version of the utility.
  2. Awesome! Thanks so much for maintaining this utility. There isn't a lot of good tools out there right now especially for mods. I'll let everyone know at Admins United: Conan. I've been talking up your utility there. https://discord.gg/pEAtXkV Do you have a way for people to donate to you?
  3. While we were communicating a Conan update happened that I didn't catch. It looks like it worked! I'm so sorry I wasted your time. I'll send you the log.
  4. I'm also having a problem with the Discord Webhook functionality but that just might be me because I'm a webhook newbie. I'm thinking it can work just by setting up the webhook right on Discord or do I need to have a separate bot? I need to delve into that more. The update issue is more critical.
  5. I sent it via a message with text. I couldn't find an e-mail address to send so I hope that was okay. If that doesn't work for you and you would like it sent a different way please let me know! Thanks again!
  6. 1.) Yes, we are running multiple servers. Not only Conan but also other games use that SteamCMD to update. We've got a regular server and then a test server for Conan. Now that I think about it the update.bat files are specially named too. 2.) No, that file does not appear to exist in the steamapps folder. I looked at the subfolders in there as well. I am a little bit nervous right now too because instead of just setting up a fresh server I'm going to be cloning an existing server with player, clan, and item files and using your utility to manage. I'm not sure if I should set up th
  7. Hi! Wondering if you got back into Conan Exiles with the release of the game. I had been desperately hunting to find a tool that would work to help make my life a bit easier and I found yours. I've been testing it out and have it running on one of our servers. This morning there was an update and it detected that it was out of date like a charm, but apparently something went wrong in the update process. From the Log: 2018/05/15 06:36:00 [DONGENHEIM RP 3X (PID: 13236)] Update Check Starting. 2018/05/15 06:36:08 [DONGENHEIM RP 3X (PID: 13236)] Server is Out of Date! Installed Version:
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