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  1. Dungeoncrawler69


    breath of wild, mario odyssey, and now chronicles 2 are excellent reasons to buy a switch :). however you can also run breath of the wild via the cemu emulator. the game looks amazing in 1080p, 1440p, and 4k.
  2. Dungeoncrawler69

    [One Man's Opinion] Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice

    had some very interesting combat mechanics. unfortunately only played it for about 2 hours so far.
  3. Dungeoncrawler69

    Movie Night = Success!

    anything new on this?
  4. Dungeoncrawler69

    A thing happened....

    is that a 4 or 6 core proc?
  5. Dungeoncrawler69

    Still Around ?

    miss the old days :(. had some great weekends with Dat streaming. hey kev, remember those gothic marathons
  6. Dungeoncrawler69

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    i agree its a great ip. up there with the uncharted games too imo. p.s. witcher 3 game of a decade
  7. Dungeoncrawler69

    Movie Night = Success!

  8. Dungeoncrawler69

    Movie Night = Success!

    ...still doing this? i know people stream movies over at vaughnlive.tv all the time. apparently its only an issue if someone submits a copyright/takedown request. couple of gents i visit sometimes are always streaming movies. hell they even stream current tv series.
  9. Dungeoncrawler69

    Life Update - Overdue as Hell

    grats man! if you decide to go into acting full-time, don't forget us peep :P. seriously though, all that hard work and sacrifice will pay off. keep up the good work.
  10. Dungeoncrawler69

    Heavenly Sword CG Movie Gets a Trailer

    I agree. Guess I can always just mute it
  11. Dungeoncrawler69

    Heavenly Sword CG Movie Gets a Trailer

    New trailer looks better for some reason imo. http://www.ign.com/videos/2014/02/17/teaser-trailer-for-the-heavenly-sword-movie
  12. Dungeoncrawler69

    Heavenly Sword CG Movie Gets a Trailer

    game looks better than the cg movie imo
  13. Dungeoncrawler69

    The Annual Gamercide Giveaway Rules

    I don't get involved in giveaways, but if there is anything I can do to help out don't hesitate to ask.
  14. Dungeoncrawler69

    Saint's Row IV - PAX Demo

    The Third is fun for just running about causing havoc imo.