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Continued Operation of Gamercide - Everyone Read Please


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Ok guys. It's time to put it all out there. I can't remember when I took over running the forums, but since day one I've been covering all the hosting costs. Don't get me wrong, until recently it hasn't been a big deal. Our shared hosting account is only $6.95 a month. We got that rate because I went ahead and prepaid for 5 years of hosting in April of 2011. So, no true worries because we have, at minimum, a shared hosting account until April 2016. Plus 9.99 a year to keep our domain name.

On to the bad news. You all know the site, up until recently, had been getting more and more sluggish. Slow to load, slow to post, slow to do everything. This is due to the fact that we were surpassing the load that a shared hosting account can handle. Without going into too much detail, the gist of it is this. In shared hosting, when your account starts using too many resources (memory, cpu time, etc) they start getting killed. This excess resource usage comes from page views, hits, etc. On top of this, with a forum, and any site using mysql, there is a seperate server running those queries. If you start using too much on that then the same thing happens. This results in slow page load times, and at worst the site not loading at all. Sounds crappy, but that's how they can afford to offer hosting at such low prices. There is a solution, but it obviously costs more.

As of last Friday I have rolled us over into that solution. We are now hosted on a Virtual Private Server (Two actually, one for the website and one for the SQL server). It comes at a flat rate of 50 cents per 10 MB of memory we need. Which I will have complete control over. Over the last several days I've optimized both the forums and main site to use as little memory as possible. At the same time I monitored our usage, and I have a decent idea of what our needed memory will be for now. With this VPS solution, I can scale our memory up or down on the fly. So, if we have a busy week or slow down I can scale it accordingly and we will be charged based on usage.

To wrap it up. It all comes down to money. I don't mind covering half of the running costs, but covering all of it is just too much. We need donation and support for this site to continue thriving. I don't have any intention of shutting it down. As I said, our shared hosting is paid through for the next several years. However, if we can't get the support and funds to stay on the VPS I will be forced to roll us back onto shared hosting and forced to make changes. Those changes could mean anything from shutting down parts of the site, limiting access, limiting views, posts, etc.

Below I'm going to list the break down of cost. I'll be as transparent with this as I can.

Shared Hosting:

$417 every 5 years - $6.95 per month (Paid until 04-14-2016)

Domain Registration:

gamercide.org - Free with the shared hosting account

gmcd.me - $9.99 per year

Virtual Private Server - Webserver:

Estimated need of 500MB - $25 per month

Virtual Private Server - SQL:

Estimated need of 400MB - $20 per month

Total Monthly Operating Cost of Gamercide:


Monthly Operating Cost minus Prepaid Shared Hosting of Gamercide:


Half of Monthly Operating Cost minus Prepaid Shared Hosting of Gamercide:


So, there it is. All out there. I'm willing to continue paying half of the operating cost. All we need to come up with is $23 a month to keep us looking good. That may increase slighly over time, but hopefully it would increase with members and participation.

To top it all off, there is now a way to donate directly to our web hosting. The money will never go through my hands, and will instead go directly to paying for the cost of running the site. The down side is there is a minimum donation of $10. So, if you don't want to donate that much, you can still donate to Gamercide's Paypal and trust me to use the money accordingly.

That's it everyone. I hope we can get the support to keep this site running at its best. Donation links will follow, and feel free to comment or ask any questions.

Donate directly to Gamercide's web hosting bill (Minimum of $10 donation via PayPal) - Any donation to the hosting account over the cost for that month will roll forward. So if we have 5 people donate 10 bucks, then the extra will roll over to the next month. The more we have in that account the better.

Donate to Gamercide's Paypal Account (No Minimum)

Donate to Gamercide via Gift Certificate (No Minimum. Multiple Payment Methods. Requires Creating an account.) - This donation method is for those who don't want to or can't use PayPal. You should be able to buy a gift certificate via multiple payment methods. You can then send that gift certificate to me (via PM or email), and I will apply it towards Gamercide's hosting bill.

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Well I will need help using paypal. But I will make a donation tomorrow when Shane gets paid. And I will continue to help support gamercide with donations. I still consider this my family even though I am not here every single day.

And thank you for everything you've done, and do Dat.

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I do graphics and web stuff for a living and all that you said makes total sense. The more hits, traffic, etc you get the more it costs to run the site. I have clients who just don't understand this. In any event thanks for keeping the site around! I had no idea that you were covering so much of the cost. I will gladly make a donation now and when I can in the future.

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I'm loving the responses guys. It means a lot to me and this community. I have been contacted by some people asking for an alternative donation to PayPal. I'm currently looking into this and will post when I have a solution.

I do have a question though. Would you guys donating like to be recognized for your contribution? Name only without the amount donated? If so I can work something into a post or maybe even a tag to your user name? I can contact donors individual if some would like to be recognized while others kept anonymous.

Also, if we have enough donations we can always look at expanding. We already have a mumble server with 10 spots. We could expand this and also look at providing game servers to those interested.

Either way it is up to the community. I love this place and I want everyone else to continue loving it. While at the same time expanding where possible.

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Ok guys. I've been looking at alternative donation methods, and I've come across one that should work well for now. You can buy a gift certificate from Dreamhost, using any number of multiple payment methods, and then send me that gift certificate so I can apply it towards our hosting cost.


The down side is you will have to register an account, buy the certificate, and then email or PM it to me. Again, this will cause me to be the middle man, and you will have to trust me to use the gift certificate appropriately. I'm still looking at recurring payments, but it seems limited to certain paypal accounts. I can set it up for Gamercide if enough people are interested. Again, this requires me to be the middle man.

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Our Mumble Host has changed. Please be sure to use the new server!

Download Mumble Here

Follow the easy setup tutorial, and then join the server

Alternate Addresses:


You can now register yourself. Please feel free to use it and invite others if you wish. It is very important that you login with the username you want to keep. Once registered it will be permanent unless you create an entirely new certificate.

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The 1.50 looks like it has the best reviews but you can try the other two at the top.



This is the one I use on my iPhone. Works pretty well most of the time.

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