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  1. I shall hold you all hostage and not respond
  2. Panda. A game is a game is a game is a game. Bring em on
  3. I almost got the one ass creed bundle. Then my wife saw the price. I got the "you do what you think is right". Needless to say. It's still there
  4. Wonder if its from slow unit sales ....i know im waiting on buying on till batman comes out
  5. What a load of bulls$#@. Then again ive never seen the point in charging for the game then the online. But to put a hold on for a free month, thats just wrong
  6. Sorry to hear bout the accident. Hope everyone was ok. But good to see ya again rose.
  7. Nobody wants to play with a charlie in the box
  8. Two and one on the way...good god dont you have cable. Seriously Si....thanks for doin this
  9. It seems like it was a case of hit a deadline and worry about fixing it later.
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