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  1. Skylark95

    Annual giveaway winners list!

    [font_S95]Thanks to Siren for running the Giveaway again this year. It's a huge effort and you did a great job as always. For the winners, I'll PM you the keys, except for Chris, you'll get a trade over Steam. :) Dat - You can go ahead and send them my way. I'll hold another contest here to pass them on ;)[/font_S95]
  2. Skylark95

    Microsoft Announces Windows Holographic

    I probably would never buy one but I would sure as hell love to try it. I'll have to admin though, once Satya Nadella took over as CEO I've been fairly impressed at how quickly MS has been turning stuff around.
  3. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

  4. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

    Your local browser cache probably. Animated gif browser stress test... https://github.com/composer/composer/commit/ac676f47f7bbc619678a29deae097b6b0710b799
  5. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

    This post has 83 likes
  6. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

    No, but I may need some Advil after looking at that.
  7. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

    Marketing team must of had fun with that ad. lol
  8. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

    Soooo tempted to try this on someone now... lol
  9. Skylark95

    The Odd and the Cool

  10. Skylark95

    Flappy Bird Creator Takes Down Game

    Be careful with some of the clones that are out there... they are riddled with malware.
  11. Be interesting to see what comes out of this.
  12. Skylark95

    The Annual Gamercide Giveaway Rules

    Thanks for hosting this Siren! I know its a lot of work!