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  1. Yup, I guess their thinking is, that the real battleground is NA, they already have Japan since no matter what the Xbox One won't do well there and the Wii U isn't much competition, and I believe Sony did pretty well in Europe last time too.
  2. Propably important to note, Microsoft sold 1 million Xbox One's in 13 markets on one day, while Sony sold 1 million PS4s in a day while only releasing in US and Canada so far.
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ffr0opfm6I4
  4. Yeah, especially with a lot of internet providers starting to put bandwidth caps on all their plans.
  5. 6 gigs of RAM and that much space required...yet that old CPU? What?
  6. Just kind of assumed that was their plan all along, since they have plenty of stuff to re-release and since KH3 is still a long ways off.
  7. http://www.pcgamer.com/2013/09/18/diablo-3-to-remain-always-online-despite-planned-auction-house-closures/ It is important to note they are NOT removing the always online DRM along with the auction house (aka their excuse for the DRM in the first place).
  8. Thought i heard that they were just gonna add a bunch of the assets from AMFP to TDD custom stories instead.
  9. One of the documents states that they were earlier failed experiments that got loose, but it doesn't really say much more than where they were kept previously, and that they sporadically jump in and out of existence. But yeah, I guess I just assumed, though it could have just been from the sounds of the pigs in those areas too.
  10. I will say, to get into some spoiler-y territory ****************************SPOILERS******************************
  11. I finished it and just....ugh. I'm usually more forgiving with horror games since it's just a niche genre and I'll take anything I can get, but I really didn't enjoy this one at all. A lot of the same problems as you had, but I just didn't find there to really be any scares at all. The first time I saw a monster instead of being "what in the hell IS that thing" I was just kinda, "really, that's the monster?". On top of that I just didn't enjoy the story very much.
  12. Game seems to have some technical problems. Vsync doesn't work right(option in the game doesn't work, forcing it through nvidia control panel helps a little bit), everything has a blue haze, and at least for me when transitioning into some bigger rooms there are really noticeable frame drops.
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