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  1. MrsBadExample

    Gamercide Presents - Twitch Multi Streaming

    Tell me what to do and when to be there and I will show up with obnoxious voices
  2. MrsBadExample

    Gamercide Presents - Twitch Multi Streaming

    hello yes i have been summoned what do you need from me
  3. I dunno, 5 years is enough time IMO. The penalty isn't ridiculous enough that they won't hand it out to people who are making these calls. Can you imagine losing 5 years of your life in prison because you decided to make a fucking prank call? Talk about a waste of your life. Hopefully the crackdown will increase.
  4. Usually it's multiple calls, or something that's threatening enough. There was an entire thread dedicated (long removed) to dissecting what warrants a SWAT call, and it's basically someone causing large scale harm to other people with malicious intent IIRC.
  5. MrsBadExample

    Annual giveaway winners list!

    I was at work, came home, was confused. Forgot it was today! YAY! Thank you! <3
  6. MrsBadExample

    The Annual Gamercide Giveaway Rules

    This is rad. I'm also glad for public shaming, something I heartily endorse.
  7. MrsBadExample

    Diablo 3 BattleTag Thread

    Search for Hotdog Vendors INC, we'll take you in!
  9. MrsBadExample

    Pokémon X/Y Impressions

    I still need to beat White!
  10. MrsBadExample

    [Review] - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    I mentioned you can kill them in my cast with Queenie! I got mad and chucked a crate at it, and it died.
  11. MrsBadExample

    [Review] - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    The blue haze was an issue, but I figured some weird part of the game.
  12. MrsBadExample

    [Review] - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    No, I've written for other sites before - however I sounded more like a dock worker in them.
  13. MrsBadExample

    [Review] - Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs

    The sanity effect, I felt, lent heavily to the game, especially since it was an entire Lovecraftian "feel". (especially with lines about iirc, spiraling towers and impossible geometry) Calling your own sanity into question during the game is something that I feel Amnesia kind of had cornered rather well, especially with the fact that they did have some portions where you could spawn hallucinations if Daniel's sanity was too low. They may not have had to do the blur effect, but they should have done SOMETHING with sanity. Anything. Hallucinations, pitfalls that aren't there, monsters swarming from all corners, all the lights going out. Whatever. Maybe more Eternal Darkness stuff. They mentioned he had that fear of dirt, I really feel that the longer you took to get to the decontamination chambers, the heavier you should be punished.. or something. I do agree that the feel of this is more The Chinese Room than Frictional Games. I'm hoping that Frictional Games does create more games, and learns not to lean on other companies as heavily in the future - I felt like this detracted from the series, not added to it.