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  1. We have a Rust server

    I wanna get back into Rust sometimes, but I just lack the motivation. I enjoyed Ark more, I think - mostly because you could tame dinos and build treehouses and shit. And also a t-rex would wander into your camp and just wreck all your shit randomly, so it was never safe.
  2. KEV!

    Happy birthday!
  3. This fucking guy

    Nature is rad! LET'S PISS IT OFF! It's basically 5 minutes of setup, 10 minutes of him rolling on the ground crying, then 5 minutes of wrap.
  4. Movie Night = Success!

    I'm going to need to get really drunk for this
  5. Movie Night = Success!

    PS I already told PK but I want in on this next time
  6. BE!

  7. I think this is going to make PK and a LOT of people happy....

    I AM REALLY FUCKING HAPPY ABOUT IT Hopefully they use the D1 music.
  8. Gamercide Presents - Twitch Multi Streaming

    Tell me what to do and when to be there and I will show up with obnoxious voices
  9. What are your go to dinners?

    Jesus, you guys are fancy. Mine are: oatmeal rice ok there you go have fun with those recipes
  10. Gamercide Presents - Twitch Multi Streaming

    hello yes i have been summoned what do you need from me
  11. I dunno, 5 years is enough time IMO. The penalty isn't ridiculous enough that they won't hand it out to people who are making these calls. Can you imagine losing 5 years of your life in prison because you decided to make a fucking prank call? Talk about a waste of your life. Hopefully the crackdown will increase.
  12. Usually it's multiple calls, or something that's threatening enough. There was an entire thread dedicated (long removed) to dissecting what warrants a SWAT call, and it's basically someone causing large scale harm to other people with malicious intent IIRC.
  13. Annual giveaway winners list!

    I was at work, came home, was confused. Forgot it was today! YAY! Thank you! <3
  14. The Annual Gamercide Giveaway Rules

    This is rad. I'm also glad for public shaming, something I heartily endorse.