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  1. Been busy LG. Got in a car accident on the 23rd of Jan (on our 21st anniversary of all days!! GRRR!) so dealing with that. But I miss you guys terribly! I just need to make sure I make the time to come in more often.
  2. I didn't want to sign up for the giveaway when GG messaged me, because I've been away for so long. Just didn't think it would be right! As I can't guarantee I'll get back to posting all the time. Good luck to all!! <3
  3. Oh cool! I'll get together some donations too! Fun fun fun! =D I'll PM you for the deets Siren...
  4. Lol. I agree with Ava. Better treat the ladies well!
  5. Hope you're still enjoying yourself though. At least you went somewhere right? Better than not going anywhere in the first place.

  6. Sore spot lol. Back in California where we started. Least I can say we tried! I guess...

  7. Sorry to hear. Where'd you end up?

  8. Neither. I'm not mjuch for sports. And sadly I am no longer even in Oregon =(

  9. I'm in college at the UofO. You a Duck or that other big Oregon school that doesn't have a name?

  10. Of course it's okay.

  11. Well I sent you an invite on the new email, hope thats ok.

  12. I didn't know what was up, just saw you at the bottom of the list, saying invite.

  13. My account was compromised and it was mailing all my contacts bad spam. So I cleared my contacts list. Now using binagotime [AT] gmail.com to chat on.

  14. Ur according to GTalk several ppl "changed" their emails... =/

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