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Life Update - Overdue as Hell

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So, I apologize, but I've been meaning to make a post for some time now, but always doing other stuff.  There's a lot going on in my life.  I need to check in here more often.  But anyways, I guess I'll do this bullet point style.

Probably the coolest thing, I graduated from my community college in the Spring, getting three degrees with distinction and am transferring to UC Berkeley.  I move on Monday.  I'm going as an English major with a possibility of switching to Rhetoric.  I also want to take at least one acting class if I have time. 

I have a girlfriend I've been dating for nearly five and a half months now, the longest I've ever been with one (there were only one or two before, but still).  We click amazingly well mentally, especially since she has aspergers like me.  So, we understand all of each other's quirks.  It's not a very physical relationship, even after all this time, but we're getting there.  It's harder for people like us, and with her it's like dealing with a younger version of myself before I managed my symptoms and reactions as well as I do now.  We'll be long distance while I'm at Berkeley, but we'll make it work.

I'm still gaming, but it's sporadic.  Most of this summer I've been doing all kinds of stuff to get ready for Berkeley.  I did buy an awesome $1000 gaming laptop though, so I'll have access to all of my PC stuff while I'm there (when I have time, mostly nights).  The Acer Helios 300.  The thing has a GTX 1060 in it and can run GTA V pretty much maxed out at 1080p, I'm pretty happy with it lol.

Oh, uh my hair is super long again.  I immediately realized I need to update my profile picture when I logged in.  Not much else changed.  I still look 5-10 years younger than I should because of all of the blood of the inno---the good genes, yeah, we'll go with good genes.

I got into a trading card game called Magic the Gathering and was playing weekly with a group of friends, though I won't be able to now that I'm moving.  I may try to find players at Berkeley.  There will be a card shop across the street, but I also am going to be tight on money lol.  On that note, I have fantastic financial aid.  I got what's called a Blue and Gold scholarship, so I'm basically fully covered on tuition and living (in a campus owned apartment, two blocks from campus, with a private bedroom and only two roommates).  I am not throwing away my shot (and yeah I got super into the musical play Hamilton).

Not sure what else to update, or what I shared before.  I guess just ask if you have any other questions.  Where is best to reach you guys on voice chat?  Don't even remember what app to use.  Teamspeak?  Mumble?  gd it's been a while.

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Congrats on graduation, and good luck with your majors!  Hope you can make the long distance thing work. In this day and age it's not really that difficult to stay in touch with all the technology.  Glad you found someone that makes you happy.

I like that you have your priorities straight with the gaming laptop for Berkeley ;) . Speaking of GTA V, I still have it installed waiting for another night of shenanigans.

I can't believe that Magic is still around. I dabbled in that when i was in High School.  Probably hasn't changed a lot since then. 

I've missed you the last couple of times in Discord, but I'll try and hop on if I see you next time.  I still run the Teamspeak server too, but I think it's dead. Not sure Pip even uses it anymore.

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On 9/12/2017 at 10:33 PM, Avahra said:




(Why did I never reply to this from a year ago?)  Associate's degrees from community college.  English AA, Drama AA, and Elementary Teaching Prep AA (this one was something I figured I may as well get as I got it with my general requirements by taking certain ones).

On that note, Berkeley is going fantastic for me.  I'm declared in the English major and Creative Writing minor.  This semester (which just finished, hence I'm back home for the summer) was awesome, I had classes on Folklore, Mythology, H. P. Lovecraft, and English literature 1750-1850.

The first semester (last fall) I had an intro to creative writing, medieval literature, Novel to Film (Hitchcock), and Intro to Rhetoric, and next upcoming semester (Spring 2019) I have two more writing classes, English lit 1850-1950, and either a Rhetoric of New Media (study video game, chat room, modern storytelling and structure), Utopian Dystopian Film, or English Honors Thesis part 1 if I get accepted.  I may just audit that film course to sit in it and discuss but not have to do the assignments, and not be in 20 units lol.  I've been doing 17 or 16 units.

You guys still on Discord or somewhere?  I need to check in.  I'll probably game a bit this summer, maybe even stream, but I'm also going to read a lot.  I've barely been gaming at all, but I don't really miss it since reading for classes and for fun has become my main hobby.

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Sounds like you’ve been a busy man! Should pay off in the end, but you should definitely take a minute to relax. If all goes well, you’ll have a life time of work ahead in all those subjects. 


I am am guilty of not playing games either, but I don’t have a good excuse other than I just haven’t felt into anything lately.  

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Kevin! Wow. I haven't been around for so long. Good to see some familiar faces still!


(I know, I'm kinda necro-posting, but sticking to the most recent threads.)

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