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We have a Rust server


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I want to. Just seems like whenever I get ready, something comes up. Cash is tight with the boy's braces coming up in October. Then I get to have my teeth fixed, finally. Rust looks like a lot of fun. Ark looks good as well. Maybe some day it'll actually happen. It is good there are some GREAT low cost kick-ass video cards nowadays.

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On 8/23/2016 at 8:14 PM, PeeKnuckle said:

@Dateranoth Bingo, it's her.

I wish you did have time for games, Ava. It's been forever since we've played anything together.

It's been centuries!

Once the project is live i'll have some downtime.

But between that and my awful job phew

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On the bright side, I increased the map size this time. So the worlds are a bit bigger. 

I'll take a look at the script code tonight.  I had to have messed something up when I was trying to prevent it from wiping twice.


To be safe, I rolled back to the previous version of the script.  So, shouldn't happen again. 

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