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We have a Rust server


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I think it is warpgroup that needs to be used, but it's been a while.

First do this:

/warp wipe

I don't think it clears old warps in between map wipes and best to start fresh.

Then try this: It will allow everyone to warp to the point. 

 /warp add Yourwarpname 5 0 0 all

Otherwise it should be 

/warp add Yourwarpname 5 0 0 warpgroup


Unless something is broken one of those should work. 

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That's like my Steam library. I've pretty much only played about 15% of the games I own. I mostly blame bundles where I only wanted one of the games, but it's also the sales. lol

I'd love to see you in Rust, man. Been a long time since I've heard your voice, or played anything with you. Let's do this!

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I'm performing a full backup of the VM running Rust. So the server will be down for a couple of hours while I do the transfer.


Well, it could potentially be several hours. I didn't realize how big it currently was. I had to update the VM host first, so I'm only at 12% done now. Probably be down for at least 3 or 4 more hours. Hopefully up by 8PM EST.

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