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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided


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I think they will. Looks to me like the same engine is being used. So, all their effort should be in level design and story. 


I'm excited to play it. Maybe I'll replay the last one first. That's ambitious though. With all the other games I want to play. 

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This is out today. I ended up prepurchasing the standard edition.

Reviews are mixed, but it sounds like if you liked the last one you'll like this one. 

Really looking forward to playing, but the prequal book released today too. Not sure if I should read it first or not. 

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I feel you, but I've slowly been cutting out some addictions. I still buy the occasional game that I don't play, but most I will at least give a shot. 


I started this up last night. I didn't do much except watch the optional 12 minute recap, and play around on the first level. Feels a lot like the first, but that's not a bad thing. 

I need to tweak out some settings and controls, but I hope to put in some quality time this weekend. 

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