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Behold, My Sexy New Computer


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Behold, my new beast. I just built this monster myself. I did cannibalize a few of the better parts from my older PC (which has been having serious issues and become unusable for much but basic internet browsing), but most of the main components, such as the motherboard, processor, and memory, I replaced since I didn't know exactly what was faulty (though I suspect the motherboard at least). I had been wanting to upgrade for a while anyways, so I had been saving up and buying parts for a couple months.


It includes a Phantom 410 midtower case, a P9X79 motherboard, a Kraken X40 CPU watercooler, an i7 hexacore 4930k processor (anything better would be in the $1k price range), a GTX 680 superclocked graphics card (from old PC), two 8GB sticks of RAM, a 250GB Solid State Drive, a 1TB Hard Disk Drive, a modular 1000w power supply unit (from old PC), an SB Recon 3D PCIe sound card (old PC), a Blu-Ray burner drive with 3D playback capability, and a Black Magic Intensity capture card (for recording console gameplay; from old PC).

I'm still in the process of getting all my programs and such setup, but after a few slight technical difficulties (this is my first time building a PC) I have it successfully up and running. I'm definitely happy with it so far. It can boot up to desktop and be ready to use in about 45 seconds.



And yes, this is a repost from Facebook to save myself the typing lol.  For a more specific parts listing, check this thread: http://www.gamercide.org/forum/topic/9790-about-to-start-buying-parts-for-pc-rebuild-opinions/





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What's her name? Is she single? Got any sisters?


This computer is so beautiful, I think I'm going to have to nickname her Ada. ;)


Thanks guys, I'm pretty happy with the way it turned out.  The case looks awesome for how cheap I got it for.  And yeah, I didn't really do anything in the way of cable management.  At the very least I can probably push a good amount of that cabling through the hole to the back of the computer where you can't see it.


EDIT:  Scratch that, the wires are too big, and too plentiful to do much with.  I'll just leave them be, seeing as they're clustered in a spot where not much heat is generated, and in such a position that you don't even see them through the side view port.

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Smooth. and beautiful. Graphics card will be an upgrade path in the future, but everything else will last you for years and years.

I'll likely upgrade when Intel drops their next line, but I'm really not sure. Mine is old, but still gets the job done. Most likely depends on my home server. It's been on the fritz. Might be a good excuse to upgrade my gaming computer and move its old parts to the server.

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