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So I'm generally pretty good with stuff, but I'm stumped.  Here goes.



I was downloading things, and like an idiot I gave myself a virus.  Now AVG Free was able to detect the file and quarantine it, but the problem is I know it's still on my PC. 


1)  The windows security center alert is always on.  I can NOT turn back on Windows Security (firewalls, blah blah).  Everytime I click the button it just errors and says The Windows Security Center service can't be started.


2)  because of this also, I cannot download any Windows Updates.  It says I have to turn the service on or restart my PC.  Again, can't do anything.



So yeah, that's where I'm at for the moment.  System Restore also won't roll back at all because it keeps saying anti-virus is preventing it even if I try to uninstall it.  It's borked.


Any suggestions?  I really don't want to format my PC.  Ugh.

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Ok, I THINK I have it fixed, the firewall is back on and I can download updates.


Uninstalled AVG again, removed it completely from registry, rebooted and I found a super old system restore on DVD I made last year.  So I didn't really lose any files which is good, but I have to download a shitload of updates and stuff.  I hope I fixed the issue. 

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So Ive been at this for a few hours now.  I have the firewall and MS Security Essentials back no problem, but AVG is now borked lol


I absolutely cannot install it, it's still there when I uninstall and reboot.  I see the file folders in explorer, but can't general delete them because it says they're in use.  I ctrl+atl+delete into task manager to look at the processes and applications and I see absolutely nothing AVG. 


Wow..... I'm a tard today or something I swear.  This is bugging the hell out of me and delaying my stream.

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Could use this to remove any files that windows will not delete:



My guess is that it would still have registry entries too.... ccleaner will take care of those.



Feel free to message me on steam if you need help sorting the mess out.

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If it's the exe that's giving you the virus reading, run it through this to make sure it's ACTUALLY a virus. AVG loves to give false positives on rundll which leads to a lot of witchhunts, and a lot of people fucking their PCs up. What is your computer doing to indicate a virus anyway?





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No, it was definitely a virus.  Totally trying to open Firefox and redirect and I could tell it was no kosher.  I FINALLY got everything cleaned up.  CCleaner worked great Sky, thanks.  I also had to use AVG's support site to find seperate uninstall programs for AVG to go around the installation stuff, because everytime I tried to install a NEW version, the fresh installer only let me try to "repair" the installation.


Long story short, back to normal. 


tl:dr - Don't download shit that you shouldn't be and drunkenly click an .exe file to install "codecs", and seems pretty legit even after scanning the fuck out of them, that supposedly aren't there when your media player (that is always up to date) didn't recognize the codecs for the movie.   Wow, I was a tard.

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