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Amazon Free App Notifier


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All data for the app will be accessed via this web page: http://android-skyla...m/amazonfreeapp

Data for that webpage is gathered by using an html parser to read the Amazon App Store home page(http://www.amazon.co...node=2350149011) and processed serverside for minimum data usage. A history of each free app is stored in a database. Subsequent calls to the web page will read the most recent database entry (faster processing) until a new app is released (approx 3am CST), when the web page will then utilize the html parser for it's first request, thus repeating the process.

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Sorry I haven't been on much... trying to get this app out ASAP as the previous one quit working earlier this week after Amazon made a change on their website.


If you know how, please side load this and test it?





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Updated again, details below :)

Also currently have 33,000+ downloads and 11,500+ current installs :)



An update to Amazon App Notifier (now named “Free App Notifier for Amazon”) has been released on Google Play.

This update includes the following changes:

  • Changed App icon at the request of Amazon. If you can design a better icon email me icon_wink.gif
  • Changed App name at the request of Amazon. Will move in you app drawer as name is now Free App Notifier
  • Enabled in-app donations
  • Added help button and help screen
  • Added button to rate this app

For more details about the app, please see my previous post for the initial 2.0-BETA release. For the most up to date information as well as any bugs or feature requests, please see the GitHub Project Page.  For any questions you are always welcome to email me (derek@skylark95.com) .

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