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So, we bought a new car for my wife this past week. Of course, it wouldn't fit in the garage. Since she was eyeballing the Supra's spot I had to take quick action.


I guess you would call it a subtraction instead of an addition. Took 12in off my garage step.


The white mark on the ground is where it use to be.



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lol. I carried my tools up them. They aren't as narrow as they look. I think the previous owner built them to wheelchair size maybe? I took a foot off of them and they are still at minimum code length of 3 feet not counting the hand rail.


It's mainly the bottom post location. It causes the main entry to be about 6 inches narrower than the rest. I should have changed it, but it was enough work taking it all down and putting it back the same way. I had to modify the top, and I did not have the exact right material. You can't see it but, the top post is a little short. I had the 4x4 on hand so that's what it gets. It's just a garage anyway. lol


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We sold our house at the beginning of September and moved in to a rental temporarily. Pretty nice place out in the country. Bigger and less money is always a plus. First time having a garage at all. Pretty awesome.

Going to finish paying off a small loan and the rest of the wife’s college bills and then be COMPLETELY debt free. Estimate right now is November of 2018. Pretty stoked for that. It’s been a long 4 year’s of getting rid of over $175k of debt. Then we’ll get college funds set aside for the kids. 

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