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Nasty DDos in popular games.

Kira Onime

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... and some other game called club penguin.

I've been following the thing since thise after-noon and it's been somewhat interresting.




Hackers apparently attacked the servers of games that are being played by a particular Twitch livestream user named Phantoml0rd. Every time Phantoml0rd tried to play games like Dota 2, League of Legends, Club Penguin and games hosted on Blizzard’s Battle.net, the group known as DERP tried to take those servers down with distributed denial of service attacks.


If the attacks are successful, other players could be impacted by the attacks. The attacks have been taking place as Phantoml0rd tries to play and stream the games, according to reports on Reddit and Phantoml0rd’s Twitch stream. Phantoml0rd’s livestream is a popular channel on Twitch, which broadcasts live game sessions to large audiences. A DDoS attack can take a game down by flooding it with traffic.

The group told Phantoml0rd on Twitter that if he lost the Dota 2 match he was streaming, they would attack the game’s servers. Then, as his team started losing, the server he was playing on crashed.


At the moment, his League of Legends stream appears to be back up. Speaking on his Twitch stream, Phantoml0rd proclaimed, “First time I have ever been hacked….Everyone is trying to talk to me.”


Right now, the stream is drawing more than 118,000 viewers. Apparently, being hacked is still good for his livestream.



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Can't a ddos be backtracked?


Usually difficult because many ddos attacks are caused by botnets. These botnets include a wide assortment of random ip's from possibly around the world. It's hard then to separate legitimate traffic apart from the attack. There is software that server admins use to help mitigate ddos attacks, but it is nowhere near perfect.

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