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Your Prime membership just got an upgrade! This week, we launched Twitch Prime, which includes exclusive discounts on new and pre-order games, free digital games and in-game loot, plus a premium experience on Twitch, the world's leading social platform and community for video game fans. 

Your Prime membership now includes the following: 

20% off all new and pre-release video games - see the top 12 upcoming releases

A consistently updated selection of free in-game loot like skins, characters, and boosts from the most popular games on Twitch. Starting today and until November 6, the newest hero in Hearthstone from Blizzard Entertainment, Tyrande Whisperwind, and an accompanying custom card back, will be available only for Twitch Prime members to claim and keep.

Free digital games. This month, get a free copy of Streamline, a new game built for Twitch by Proletariat Studios.

One free Twitch channel subscription each month, normally $4.99 per month, to support your favorite streamer.

Learn more about all of the benefits of Twitch Prime.



Love that Amazon is always making the Prime Membership even more valuable. 

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Streamline is actually pretty fun with viewers. I'd recommend someone stream it on Gamercide because there's an in game browser (that counts towards your viewer count) that allows you to "play" the game with the streamer if you aren't actually playing the physical copy of the game. Like fuck, if we could set aside a night for this shit it'd be fun. It's basically "tag" with violence and shiny points. 

I redeemed my free copy but I think some people have keys floating around.

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