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Runescape Streamer Latest Swatting Victim Makes Emotional Video Targeting Harrasers

  • Joshua Peters, a popular Runescape livestreamer who is also known as "koopatroopa787" became the latest victim of swatting, which is where the SWAT team responds to what they believe is a potentially hostile situation such as a hostage situation, shooting, or something equally violent based on the call that they receive. Unfortunately, Joshua Peters whose 10 year old little brother was home at the time ended up with 10 rifles pointed at him, which prompted the emotional video from Peters who is visibly shaken and eventually breaks down.

"I don't give a shit about what you have against me online. Your gripe is with me, so let it be with me. Do not involve my family in any way shape or form. They don't deserve that." Peters continues in the video, "He's 10 years old, and he had 10 police officers pointing a gun at him, because he was at the door."

Police still do not know who is responsible for this swatting incident or why they did it.


via Polygon

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Swatting is so fucking retarded. Yeah, sure, the person who called it in can get 5 years in jail like some other idiot just recently got. I bet that 10 year old suffers for more than 5 years, though.

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It's really, really sad that people resort to doing stuff like this just for kicks.  :/  I feel terrible for that little boy.  I saw this a couple days ago on another site.  Thanks for showing everyone else Siren. 

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Polygon where I found this at pointed out that nobody has been injured yet during this incidents, however one of these times somebody is going to get hurt or killed.  What if it was this 10 year old boy?  These people who do this stuff need to face a much harsher punishment.  These are peoples lives at stake and it's absolutely disgusting that people get off on doing this.

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Usually it's multiple calls, or something that's threatening enough. There was an entire thread dedicated (long removed) to dissecting what warrants a SWAT call, and it's basically someone causing large scale harm to other people with malicious intent IIRC. 

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I dunno, 5 years is enough time IMO. The penalty isn't ridiculous enough that they won't hand it out to people who are making these calls. Can you imagine losing 5 years of your life in prison because you decided to make a fucking prank call? Talk about a waste of your life. Hopefully the crackdown will increase.

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