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Sennheiser PC 360 Headset


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So, I'm tired of my A40s .  They are a decent headset, but they seem to have developed a crackle.  It's not really a blown speaker, but something I can't place.  Plus they just aren't up to the sound quality that my HD595s were, and I miss them.


So, before they disappear I went ahead and ordered the PC360 from Sennheiser to replace them.  They are suppose to have the same cans as my 595s and a very similar fit.  I am getting them Thursday, and I'll put them to the test then.  Pricey, but so were the A40s and they never lived up to my expectations.  The mixamp is fantastic, and I'll continue to use it with the PC360s.






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Man, I don't really have the words for this. The A40s are good for gaming, and I liked them.  However, this set has it all.  Music sounds great, gaming is clear, and even movies sound are perfect.  I haven't used them extensively, but I'm very happy with the purchase so far.  They fit comfortable over my ears, the mic does a good job with noise cancellation and pickup, plus it mutes when you swing it up.  It's a shame Astro stopped selling their wireless mixamp separately because this combination is perfect. 


For PC you are paying a $60 premium over the Astro A40s.  I think it's worth it if you use your headset for more than gaming. The A40s are a perfect solution for a gaming headset, but the PC 360s from Sennheiser are perfect for gaming and everything else.  Not the best set of cans in the world, but I believe you are getting your money's worth with them.

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