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The Might Quest For Epic Loot - Looks awesome!


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This game flew under my radar I suppose.  Never heard about it until I read an article on RockPaperShotgun.  It's a game from Ubisoft and from what I gather it's like some sort of weird hybrid of Dungeonland.



The game is basically split into two parts, raiding other player's castles to get loot and experience while also maintaining and customizing your own castle full of traps and monsters to destroy any other players attempting to raid yours.  Both your character AND your castle apparently level up seperately.  Seems like it could be pretty awesome for a F2P game and I'm always looking to try stuff out. 


Here is the article from RPS.






You can sign up at the MIght Quest website right now for Alpha codes if you'd like.  I did.  If I get selected I'll give you my impressions.

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So I'm here to report that I've gotten a Beta invite last week.  I can't really talk much about the game (or stream it because of NDA apparently), but IT IS FUN.  Absolutely.  My favorite part is the castle building of the game (I feel I can say that, it's in the trailers lol). 


But yeah, definitely check this game out and try to get a Beta.  If you do please let me know.  We can add each other as friends.

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NDA is lifted!  Found out yesterday was looking around.  Ended up streaming this for a little bit last evening, and I'm definitely going to stream a bit more tonight I think!!!


If you have any questions or anything let me know, but I think the game is a hell of a lot of fun.  It's definitely pick up and play since while you progress when you try to upgrade buildings and stuff in your castle it takes progressively longer.  Worst I've seen at this point was 4 hours to upgrade my Castle Heart (the big main thing).  Most things right now take about 30-60 mins which hasn't been to bad while I go off raiding other castles for teh lootz!

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