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Working on Wordpress Replacement Again. Input Needed


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Hey everyone. I'm working on a replacement for Wordpress again. Instead of trying to import the full current Wordpress skin I am just mimicking the color scheme and layout a bit. I need some input. I've currently finished what would be the basic layout of the main page when you went to Gamercide.org

If you all think it's a step in the right direction, I'm going to keep at it. This is a lot easier than the other route I was going before, but I don't want to go too much further if it's something you all don't like.

Oh, and you can ignore the sidebar content. That stuff will change. It's just filler for styling right now.


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Thanks. Keep in mind everyone it's a work in progress. The only thing I've finished is the main page. You can browse other things, but the main page ( what would be www.gamercide.org ) is the only thing anywhere close to done. I just need some input to make sure everyone is happy with the direction.

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