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  1. i swiped the unicorn line from bacon's spotlight
  2. it would be more like me with a cranky face and my arms crossed saying, "i'm ******* playing this ******* demo for ******* PK. he better appreciate this ****" lol
  3. i wanted to play the demo for you at pax but OMG the LINES. it's like being at disneyland now. the lines are so painful!
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WLN2plIOdc&feature=colike
  5. i'm hungry for tacos! please take over the world quickly.
  6. Yeah PVE servers are so stupid. Stealthy plays on one.

  7. I started on Perenolde, transferred to Akama then trasferred to Kirin Tor to play with my irl bffs. Since my bffs are new to the game I'm hoping that once they get comfortable we can all tranfer back to Akama for PVP love.

  8. What server you play on?

  9. lol

    what's up my alliance sistah?

  10. +1000 cool points for playing Alliance

  11. Now it's all TIGER up in here!

  12. well what the hell was i thinking! hi TC!

  13. Hey e! You visit me yet leave no comment or friend me either??? Why you so mean?

  14. I'm in your name thread thing, hatin on your baby.

    Because mine was ugly

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