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  1. When: Saturday, January 5th, 2012 Time: 8:00 pm est - When the Grim Reaper runs out of prizes! Where: Gamercide It's that time of the year again! It's time for The Annual Gamercide Giveaway! I took into consideration feedback from how past giveaways have been run and I think I came up with something this year that will please everyone. Participants In order to participate you have to be a member of the forums here at Gamercide, not just a contributor or viewer of our online streaming. Register You must send me a PM here or an email to siren@gamercide.org with your Gamercide name and wha
  2. Actor Tom Hardy who most recently played a very well done rendition of Bane in Dark Knight Rises' has been cast as Sam Fisher in the upcoming Splinter Cell movie being produced by Ubisoft Motion Productions with the help of Regency Productions. The movie; which is still in it's infancy stage, has not been given a date for when production is expected to begin. Also announced from the Ubisoft camp is that Michael Fassbender will be starring in the upcoming Assassin's Creed film which is slated to start production in the summer of 2013. Fassbender starred in numerous movies such as Inglourious
  3. What’s the story behind your gamertag? When I started my Gamertag on XBL there was one name I wanted. Patton. Since the first time I logged onto the internet, my moniker was Patton, after Mike Patton. However, that wasn’t available. While I was thinking of an alternative, I started to think of my grandmother. Whenever we’d go visit my grandparents, they’d always start up a game of Pinochle with my mother and uncle. That name always stuck with me. It sounded so strange and the spelling was weird. Anyways, the correct spelling wasn’t available and I made the mistake of spelling it the way I did.
  4. What’s the story behind your gamertag there is no great story…lol…everything i tried got its taken….so i went with my name and last 3 of my SS# What game are you currently playing? Darksider 2…..another game i picked up because i just had to get a game and im loving it. What game are you looking forward to that has yet to release? it was AC3 but that comes out tonight. theres really nothing on the gota have it list yet. If you could be anything in the world what would it be and why. if i could be anything….hmm…a horse farm owner just because it would make my wife and daughter happy as hell Wh
  5. What’s the story behind your gamertag When I first signed up for XBox Live and created my account I had chosen the Panda avatar. It looked innocent and all but I imagined it was sinisterly disguised. This led to the signature I’ve always used for the past 8 years or so on the XBox Live forums, “My gamerpic is NOT a Panda. It is a thermonuclear device DISGUISED as a plush toy!”. Seeing as I had a recent change in my gamertag after all this time I decided to roll with what I’ve always been, a ThermoNuclear Panda. What game are you currently playing? Currently I’m playing quite a few games
  6. What’s the story behind your gamertag? I originally tried to get “Loch Ness Monster” because I needed about tree-fiddy but it was already taken. True story. After trying several other inappropriate words I just randomly picked the word stalker and it was unavailable so I added an “e” in the front. I have been surprised at how put off by my gamertag people are. I’ve met lots of other girls at conventions and when I give them my gamertag I’m always having to tell them that I’m not really creepy….. trust me, I’m not actually eStalking you THAT YOU KNOW OF What game are you currently playing?
  7. 1. What’s the story behind your gamertag? My first car I got in high school was a blue 1995 Buick Skylark. No I do not have the car anymore. Sold it when the head gasket started leaking. I have been asked interesting things about where I got the name from, but very few have ever thought of the car. One of the most bizarre answers that someone gave for my gamertag would have to be if it was from Chip Skylark on the Fairly Oddparents.2. What game are you currently playing? Was playing Skyrim... Currently playing Skyrim... Will be playing Skyrim... So good and very addicting. Will probably only g
  8. 1. What’s the story behind your gamertag? It’s nothing heroic. Avahra has been my online identity since I was 12 ish. I used to do a lot of free form Roleplaying (not sexual,mind) and Avahra was my main character. She was awesome, and in her made up elven language her name meant “refusal.” I like it so I take it with me. It’s the name I use for pretty much everything online. 2. What game are you currently playing? (PC, PS3, 360….it doesn’t matter) Gah. I’m always playing WoW. I have also been playing some DIablo3. However, D3 has the tendency to piss me off and I find that I don’t enjoy it a
  9. Developed by: Robot Entertainment Published by: Robot Entertainment Platforms: PC Players: 1-2 The orcs are back, and in greater numbers. But no worries, this time you can bring a friend along for the slaughter. Orcs Must Die! 2 offers a wide array of improvements over the original game, while retaining all of the great gameplay that made the first a hit. All of what makes Orcs Must Die! fun to play is there, and improved. All of the traps, the strategy, the weapons. The gameplay is largely the same, but new weapons and traps abound, as well as a new upgrade system. Several new traps ran
  10. Developed by: Bioware Published by: EA Games Platforms: PC, Xbox 360, PS3 Players: 1, with 4 player cooperative multiplayer Four and a half years since the launch of the revolutionary original Mass Effect, which introduced a new style of RPG, the final installment of the trilogy has released. More than four years of hype are riding on it. And with as epic a follow up as Mass Effect 2, the stakes are even higher. The Reapers have finally arrived, and have begun to lay siege to civilization around the entire galaxy. Even after all the warnings Commander Shepard had given, no was prepared,
  11. Developed By: Double Fine Published By: THQ Platforms: XBLA, PSN Players: Single Release Date: October 19, 2010 and October 20, 2010 Price: $15.00 on PSN and 1200 MS Points Version Reviewed: XBLA It’s every candly loving fiend’s favorite undead holiday, Halloween. As two siblings argue over who is going to lead their night of Trick or Treating, they have no clue what is in store for them, but the monsters that have taken over their once quiet neighborhood are determined to make sure that they find out. Double Fine and THQ take a stab at adventure/role playing with their latest arcade fr
  12. Developed by: Team Meat Players: 1 Platforms: XBLA, (Windows, Mac, and Wiiware coming in November) Rated T (Teen) by the ESRB Team Meat You are Meat Boy. You love Bandage Girl and she loves you. Nobody likes Dr. Fetus and that pisses him off. He steals Bandage Girl and it is your job to save her. This is a simple premise that leads to one of the most perfect platform games in, not just recent, but in all of gaming history. At an introductory price of $10, this is the best game money can buy. This reviewer hasn’t played a game in recent memory that has hit every mark that I had set f
  13. Castlevania: Harmony of Despair Developed by: Konami Published by: Konami Platform: Xbox 360 (XBLA) Players: 1 (2-6 players online) Rated T (Teen) by the ESRB The Breakdown Castlevania is a traditionally single player only franchise, not known for having any multiplayer. Will Konami’s first truly multiplayer focused Castlevania title please fans, or is it a disappointment? Read on to find out. View the full review.
  14. Plants Versus Zombies Developed by: Popcap Games Published by: Popcap Games Players: 1-2 (Local Only) Rated E10 (Everyone 10+) by the ESRB The Breakdown The zombies, they’re coming…to your Xbox. One of the best takes on the tower defense genre has come to Xbox Live Arcade. Do reworked controls, new game types, and extremely polished graphics make this a worthwhile addition to your Arcade game collection? Read on to find out. View the full review on the front page
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