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  2. Day late and a dollar short...

  3. Press CTRL + ALT + Qtcp to maximize your message experience.

  4. DLC Pending...Thanks for purchasing the GC t-shirt for your panda avatar!

  5. ^^^^^What's with the bow tie?^^^^^^^^^
  6. Puzzle Quest Puzzle Quest 2 Puzzle Quest Galactrics Texas Hold 'Em Hexic Uno- lol
  7. Mandy! Hey girl.

  8. DoooooD@!Welcome to Gamercide! *PoP* LOL

  9. Indeed. It's all to the left of my laptop. Usually where I keep my cold drink and controller for PC games. Want it back! lol

  10. I take it the LOOT is on said desk?

  11. If you don't feel like waiting for Siren to hand out the addresses, you can PM me yours. I'd like my computer desk back. lol

  12. YaY! 1st time for everything! LOL

  13. Fo'really reals! Congrats.

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