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    The Greatest Weapon Shop Evarr!!
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    Let's see, I enjoy gaming, watching anime, watching Chuck and Burn Notice, reading, swimming, baseball, listening to a large variety of music spanning decades, eating anything that's not seafood or bugs, synthesizing, forging awesome magical weapons, and fighting crime at night. =]

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  1. is on a grand adventure with pirates!!

  2. Yeah I love Moogles,they always rock. Pimp Moogle is my favorite one though, with the classic one in my sig as a close second. Oh, and hooray for me finally getting on at the most random time of day! =D

  3. Nice profile pic. Final Fantasy is pretty awesome. Moogles with top hats, canes, and monocles do tend to be badass, don't they? :D

  4. This game was announced around the same time as Toy Soldiers I believe. The other game you are thinking of was Snoopy Vs. The Red Baron for the PS2, or something like that. I downloaded it earlier, the game is pretty fun. The controls are simple and easy to pick up, and the game has a charming art style. I dig it, this game is a winner in my book. I haven't done the co-op or competitive multiplayer, but I can't wait to try those out as well. Like I said, if you liked Crimson Skies or any other dog-fighting game, it's worth a purchase.
  5. For anyone who's a fan of Crimson Skies for the original Xbox, or just a dog-fighting (no pun intended) enthusiast, Snoopy Flying Ace is now on the Xbox Live Marketplace. You can play as one of 12 Peanuts characters, or import your Avatar if you want to envision what it would be like to be a badass pilot! Play online in 2-player cooperative modes as well as competitive 16-player matches. Go crazy with 16 unique, customizable airplanes, from barnstorming Sopwiths to the dreaded Fokker triplane of the Red Baron himself! Outfit your plane with 15 weapons to suit your strategy for the next battle. The price is 800 MS Points. I love Peanuts, and I love airplanes, so this is a must buy for me. Anyone else excited to play this game?
  6. I was listening to this song today and I just felt the need to post it in here. The song is by one of my favorite bands, Poets of the Fall. I've been listening to them since I heard "Late Goodbye" in the end credits of Max Payne 2. Ironically, this same song is being used in Alan Wake (Found that out after I heard it). This song is called War, and is probably one of the most compelling songs I've heard in a while. I've played it over and over again since I first listened to it. http://www.youtube.c...h?v=7CxpnbmKWzU
  7. I've been playing it consistently at my buddies house on Fridays. We usually set up my xbox and do some 3-player split screen. I have to admit, it's a good feeling to play this game like that, it takes me back to the old days before Xbox Live. I'm definitely enjoying my time with the game, even if others are monopolizing my time. I think Rare handled the port well. It looks good (Way better than the N64 version), runs smooth, has online play, and still maintains it's nostalgic charm....Now if only they would get to work on that Killer Instinct port....
  8. Must....add...to..friends! Oh and I got the first comment in! yay!

  9. Argh, we need edits for these darn comments! Anywho, how many episodes are there in Hellsing? To-Loveru has like 26 plus 6 for the new OVA stuff.

  10. I can tell he's crazy. I've heard of Hellsing before, but never watched it. That might be my next anime after I finish watching To-Loveru. It's not super deep or anything, but I love the wackiness of it.

  11. That sounds dirty, like he's going to need a shower after reading it dirty. =p

  12. Peanut Butter Jelly time! :D

  13. Hello Kira! Awesome, I was the first comment on someone's profile! =p

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