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    video gaming, every thing automotive related, computers, beginning coding, Dat Dance music. explosions!

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  1. Its been a long time.

    1. Teh_Magrant 141

      Teh_Magrant 141

      Where d did my avatar go? lol

  2. *MIND BLOWN* 0_o Awesome!
  3. I've been really busy building a project car... A 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse RS.. 1st goal to get it running... Then ill plan from there.

  4. I AM planning on getting it. Last night i played the demo for 1 hour.... I cant wait until this weekend. we should have a gaming night.
  5. that sounds like fun, as long as its friday, saturday, or sunday night (4.P.M - 9.P.M. central time) I'm in.
  6. Yeah it seems already people dont play multiplayer much, either that, or all the lobbys are full so i keep getting matched up with a little kid. So i just spend most of my time playing single player, and multiplayer with friends.
  7. Hey Guys, its been awhile since I was last on here, and in that time some new XBLA games showed up. The new Game Room is a cool new download, but i'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to talk about the N64 port remake of "Perfect Dark". This game came out as part of the XBLA block party event. There were also codes that gave you free avatar items such as :A BBQ gril, and Bing T-shirts (one for male avatars, and one for female avatars). Ill post those later. Perfect Dark for the N64 was an awesome game... but without the expansion pack, you were limited to just the challenges and local mult
  8. Good to have you back, man.

  9. Yo PeeKnuckle! i had to recreate my account, but i am Back!

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