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Police beat and kill father in Oklahoma


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This disgusts me to no end. The father had absolutely nothing to do with the crime that was reported. The police were called for domestic abuse because the mother slapped the daughter. The only thing the father did, was run to his wife in an attempt to calm her down as she ran to the family car after slapping her daughter.



Here's what happened according to the mother and daughter of the victim.



Read about it here



This shit needs to seriously end. Post haste.

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Here is my problem with this story. Now read everything I put carefully. I haven't seen video of him being beat, I have also not seen video of how he reacted when police showed up. All I've heard is police showed up and just started beating that guy. If he was compliant he would have turned around and been cuffed. I just don't buy that they showed up and just started beating that guy for no reason. Now that you have read all that make sure to continue reading and not focus on the first part. Now with all that said, it shouldn't take 6 trained guys to take down one. They have tazers and pepper spray for situations like this. They shouldn't be dog piling on top of anyone especially for something as simple as this. His face was bloody so I'm sure there were some punches thrown, which is also not okay. I don't like the fact that they dog pile someone and just yell stop resisting while pulling someones arm out of their socket. They could have backed up, tazed him. The whole situation is unprofessional. Also it's a tragedy. I don't take the side of the police at all, however there is just something about this story that doesn't make sense. I'm not even saying there is any sort of justification in this, I just want to know what really happened. Even if the guy was irate and fighting police it is still unacceptable.

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The only video comes from his wife who probably didn't think to pull out her phone right away. She was probably too busy trying to get the police off of her husband. After some time passed with no result she probably then realized she should record it.


Also, it wasn't all police officers, either. It was a mix of game wardens moonlighting as theater security, two active-duty officers, and "one working off-duty security". The two active duty officers were already there to deal with two drunks who had passed out in that theater.


Three officers were put on suspension with pay and pepper spray was used. "The two game wardens working security that day at the theater are continuing in their normal roles, according to Holmes of the state wildlife department." Surveillance cameras from the theater hopefully will show the beatings, but who knows if we'll ever see that.


The CNN link in the OP has more if you want to read about what happened.

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