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I make pretty art!


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Been busy. Back now!


I wanted to throw a thread up about my skillz as an artist. I work for free and for money. I'd prefer to get paid but I understand financial situations are different each person. So for you lovely folks here at Gamercide I am open for commissions! 


The information can be found on my personal website


I also have a webcomic series running, you are a comic type. The Prophet Of New Haven updates every Monday at midnight. (also please note if it gives you the malware warning. Thats a false positive. The host site is being derpy.)


I look forward to working for you!

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Nice stuff, I was going to say you should do more comics, I get a comic feel from your art work. You should make a comic about PK and GG and we drive around in a truck listening to 90's alternative musice and fight the government with weed and beer.

I dont even know. But that sounds amazing.

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