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green grenades

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If you don't have this game then fucking get it. It's amazing. Updates are constantly coming out, the game doesn't require much to run and it's very addictive. Me and a couple other guys have built a small town for new people, I have fought zombie hoards, and bears and wolfs and other players. The game is intense. I've been in my house at night crafting items and have had a squad come up on my house and you can hear their steps, and it scares the shit out of you. There are a few bugs, but they are constantly fixing them. losing your loot might sound terrible to some people but really being raided and killed isn't that big of a deal. It's not like Dayz where it took you hours and hours to find loot, you can craft your own weapons and armor, and resources are plenty. If you get on a server with frienly people it's more fun, then the bandits are more scarce and you can team up with friendlies. If you don't like minecraft, day z, 7 days to die type games then I would get it but if you like building, then it's really fun. it's basic right now but they are always adding.

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