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PC Specs?


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Still looking into buying a PC. Unlike some the console era is indeed wearing me down. I thought I would never say this but I am. Looking into getting a PS4 Slim for the holidays. But , after that I'm done buying stuff for consoles unless they are PS exclusives. But , a friend of mine who I've watched streamed recommended me some specs. 


CPU: i7 5820k

Graphics: EVGA GTX980ti

RAM: Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR4 - 2400MHz

Mobo: Asus x99-Pro

If this is too pricy I want you guys to let me know. I'm really only buying PC because a lot of the old cod's are being played again. But , I would also love to play with any of you guys in the forums. Really don't have too much experience playing fps or any game on PC so this should be fun lol


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2 minutes ago, PeeKnuckle said:

I'd go with a bit more RAM for sure. 12 or even 16. I'll leave the rest to the PC wizards to comment on. They'll know much more than I.

12 sounds nice but I may settle for 16. Just trying to get this out the way before 2016 is over.

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29 minutes ago, PeeKnuckle said:

Yeah, it's just one of those things that you'll eventually end up having to do (if gaming on PC) ... so may as well get it out of the way. No one wants to load up a game, and realize they cannot play because they have insufficient RAM. I currently only have 12 myself and I get by.

Again , thanks for introducing me to the master. Even my father is transferring over to PC. Can't believe I'm using PC as a primary gaming platform.

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I have that processor and you can't go wrong, but it is expensive. If you plan on doing streaming and other processor intensive things it's certainly worth it. You could get away with a cheaper build if it's solely a gaming machine. 

I don't have that exact motherboard, but I'm sure it's a good one. ASUS usually makes good stuff. I'm using the MSI mobo.  

I would grab 16GB if possible. If you end up going with the X99 board and DDR4 you will want at least 4 sticks to take advantage of quad channel memory. So, 4 4gb sticks works out well. They are usually sold as a set. Though you could start with 4 2gb sticks and add 4 more later. There will be 8 total slots on the board.

 Certainly cannot go wrong with a 980ti, but with the 1070 out now it's a cheaper, faster alternative. Plus it has more VRAM. So, unless you can find a used 980ti at a good price I would grab a 1070 instead.  Vendor doesn't really matter, but  I'm a fan of the MSI cards. Their gaming line has some great super quiet cooling on them.

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