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Microsoft Announces Windows Holographic


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Yesterday at the Windows 10 Live Event, Microsoft unveiled their new project, Windows Holographic that will allow users to jump into digital content via augmented reality and not the rumored virtual reality.

Microsoft's Alex Kipman spoke about their new adventure into AR with what they are calling the Microsoft Hololens.

"We’re not talking about putting you into virtual worlds. Virtual reality might not be for everyone, we’re dreaming beyond virtual worlds," explained Kipman who also detailed that video games will be playing a key role in the use of the Microsoft Hololens.

A video showcasing the Microsoft Hololens shows the user playing Minecraft with the Microsoft Hololens in his living room using 3D holograms.

The Microsoft Hololens does not appear to be strictly for gaming. The video also showcases users using the technology for conference calls, help with work or in the case of the video plumbing, assisting each other with designs, and more.

Video via IGN

via VR Focus

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Same here!  There are a lot of people saying that this just another Microsoft fail and so forth, but I think this technology represents an exciting time to be a gamer.  I mean seriously.  Who would have thought that when we were all playing on Atari's, NES's, Genesis's, etc...that this is where we would be today?  It's exciting!

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