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PC Gamers Furious Over The Elder Scrolls Online Subscription

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Bethesda and Zenimax Online Studios are facing a huge backlash from PC gamers over The Elder Scrolls Online subscription system.

The Elder Scrolls Online forum has lit up with angry gamers who were surprised to find out that Zenimax is placing a hold on their bank accounts for a full 30 days with the $14.99 a month subscription, despite having free 30 day access to the game. In order to play the Elder Scrolls MMO, gamers have to store their debit or credit card information first. Unfortunately if you do not store your card information, you cannot play the game that you just purchased. Some gamers have also claimed that Zenimax has already taken the payment out of their accounts which they did not authorize.

Gamers who planned on using prepaid game time cards are also having issues, because the prepaid game time cards are not available at many retailers yet.

Zenimax did release a statement regarding the pre-authorize subscription issue stating; "We want everyone who purchased ESO to have immediate access to the included 30 days of ESO game time. In the event that you enter your payment information for authorization and the transaction cancels due to lack of funds in your account, please contact our Support Team. We'll work with you to ensure you have access to your included 30 days of game time."

via Kotaku and The Elder Scrolls Online forum

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Yeah, pretty much they put a "hold" for the subscription amount on your card without actually charging it, say you have $10 on the card available you won't be able to play the game because it can't place the hold on it for the sub amount.


Pretty stupid if you ask me.

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