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Happy St Patrick's Day to everyone!


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Happy St Patrick's day all!  Hope you have a great day today and have a great start to your weeks!




Today has been pretty awesome for me personally so far.  I went to a huge local benefit concert this past week that had 18 bands playing.  Anyways, while I was standing at the bar there were these little flyers from our local rock music radio station about some contest they were having today and them playing a song between 10 and 10:30.  I remember glancing at it briefly and didn't pay much attention considering I'd be at work and we don't really listen to that station here (inappropriate lol).


Long story short, I pretty much forgot about it.  This morning had to go see my grandfather and I had left work.  So I'm in the car driving over and all of a sudden N.I.B (Ozzy/Primus) comes on the radio and it kind of clicked in my head.  So I grabbed my cell and called... it rang. 


I hung up, because I second guessed myself and wasn't sure it was the right song.  Then I was like oh hell, I'll just try again.


Was busy.  Immediately hit redial and it went through, and I won the tickets to see Primus this summer.  It was sweet.


Stopped to get a sub on the way back from my grandparents, bought a lotto ticket and won twenty bucks also.  What the hell.  Today is lucky or something!


Passing on all that luck to you guys!!

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