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I got a youtube channel, everyone has one in this day and age. I upload videos to my channel, ones I record offline and then the raw footage from live streams. Does anyone have a recommendation for video editing software or format converting? Since using video download from twitch turns all the videos in to .flv. I would love to fine tune the videos before being posted. Any and all help/advice is appreciated.

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Audacity is an audio recorder/editor. We used it on our podcast very long ago. There was only one episode. lol


For video, I think I'd suggest Lightworks. It's freeware. If you want more options, I'd take a gander, here.

Yup , and it has to be one of the best free audio editors.

Audacity lets you delete any noise u dont want in your audio, you can also increase the volume on certain parts of ur audio, change pitch, and more awesome stuff. I recommend audacity for console recordings since u can record ur voice and edit ur audio after.

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