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Knock, knock. Anyone home?

Twiztid Rose

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Well I'm not sure if there's even a point to post this. I don't think I saw any posts made in 2018 at all.

But here goes.... HI!!! Ran across a VERY old email as I was cleaning out my inbox. Yes, I've got SEVERAL YEARS worth of old emails. And I can't just click 'delete all!' Anyway, it reminded me of my good 'ole GC family. :)

Hows everyone been? The forum looks sweet! I've missed you all!

My life has been pretty much the same as always. Same shit, different day lol. We had our 2nd annual Ugly Sweater Party tonight. It went great, but damn I'm exhausted. 30 or so ppl, and most of them drunk and/or high. Lol, good times.

Getting ready to celebrate my 26th anniversary next month. Things are going really well for us. The kids are doing good as well. Although they'd be even better if they moved the hell out!! Haha.

I'm still playing on Xbox One. Although I do have a PS4 now as well. I spend a lot of time playing Elder Scrolls Online. Anyone else play ESO?

Well I'll stop rambling now. Hopefully I'm not talking to myself lol...

Take care, and have a Merry Christmas! ❤️


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Hey Rose! It is as you can tell, pretty dead around here. I thought that I had my notifications turned on to send me new posts, but I missed this somehow. I'm glad you stopped by though!  Hopefully you'll swing back in to see this.  There are a few of us around, but the few of us left have moved mostly to Discord now. You can stop by anytime to say hello there if you'd like. https://discordapp.com/invite/2DY8FN?utm_source=Discord Widget&utm_medium=Connect

I tried ESO when it first release, but I never could fully get into it. I haven't really been back.  The last game I played was RDR2 on PS4, and I'm currently piddling through South Park: Stick of Truth.

We recently had our first child ( Owen ) so I've been pretty busy. 


Anyhow, hope to see you around more. It may be quiet, but I always keep the lights on around here.

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Hi Dat!! First of all... CONGRATULATIONS!! They do tend to keep you hopping, don't they? I'm happy for you!

Awww. You didn't give ESO a chance then lol. Also, if you played it right after it came out A LOT has changed. I have RD2, but I haven't even downloaded it yet haha. My son finished it recently.

I'll try to pop in there to say "HI" sometime. Thx for the link!

Great to hear from you!

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I downloaded and registered on discord. Other than going to discord, that link seemed to be expired. I think that was what it said anyway lol...

Anyway, my username is the same as here. If ya wanna invite me or sumtin lol. (Oh if you need the #, it was #6084)


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