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Destiny Offline For Several Hours Today


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Bungie's supposed "Halo Killer", Destiny will be offline today for several hours as an update rolls out that is to fix many of the bugs that have been plaguing Destiny since it's release in September.

The update will start at 7:00 am pacific time or for those on the east coast, 10:00 am.

Among the fixes in the update; stability issues resolved when connecting to Destiny's servers, improvements in logging when there are connectivity issues, server security fixes, quick scoping on weapons, and a fix to server performance.

For a complete list of the fixes that are being applied in this update, check out Bungie's Hot Fix.

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Also of note:


Iron Banner PVP event starts today.  You can earn new Legendary Gear for participating in this event.  Iron Banner PVP is gear/level based, so expect to get trounced by higher level players but have a sweeeeet feeling of victory when you pick off those pesky power players as well. 


New bounties for Iron Banner are also in effect.  Reaching tier 1 allows you to purchase shaders and emblem (giving +10% faction rep). 




On a side note, I really hope that the connectivity changes help.  I find myself getting kicked to orbit a bunch and losing connection to the Destiny servers (error code Bee most of the time).  This is the ONLY game that I have online issues with and I have pretty damn good bandwith.

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