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Why what's wrong with them? What would you suggest as a first?

nothing is wrong with them, they are just a little more in depth then your standard warrior. you might like em, you never know till you try

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How are Shamans, any good? I was thinking of making an Orc Shaman.

my next toon is probably gonna be a shaman, but i dont know how well they play. avhara has one as a main so it must have been worth playing.

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First off Warriors start out in mail, not plate.

I am leveling a warrior and it's SLOW. There's a lot of downtime because you have to bandage/eat to heal yourself up.

And my level 12 warrior doesn't do an incredible amount of damage just yet. I have never played an end game warrior so I don't know how much fun they are then.

MY main is a shaman, and I love it.

Shaman's a fun class and you have 3 routes you can go end game.

You can be a healer (Restoration)

YOu can be a melee dps (Enhance)

Or you can be a caster dps (Elemental)

DPS- damage per second

Shamans are unique because of our totems, which are unique to our class. I also, happen to think they are a lot of fun. We come with a variety of earth spells, and mostly do nature ish damage to our enemies. Lightning bolts, lava bursts, etc.

If you level as enhance once you get wolves you are pretty indestructable (that's not until 50-60 though)

and the capability to heal yourself as well is always an added bonus.

Give us an idea of what you want to play in the long run.

Do you want to be a healer

Do you want to be a spell caster

Or do you want to whack the living crap out of things and be a melee dps?

Every class has the ability to solo 1-80 on it's own. Some are just a bit trickier to learn than others.

I have a magazine somewhere that lists some pretty good pros/cons of each class, I'll find it and if I can get onto gamercide at work I'll post it.

Are you playing on someone's server? Whether it's Stealthy's or mine?

I honestly think having someone there who can help you and walk you through stuff in game is going to be of a tremendous help. When I started I would have given up had it not been for my bf walking me through what I was doing. Also, they can give you some perks, like bags and money and stuff.

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Isn't it 30 days?

i dont know, i thought it was 3 months, some people have told me its 3 days, some say its gone, and now you say 30

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so its only a 3 day cd, but it says it can take several days to complete. so i dont think i could transfer and be back for my raid

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Bahahaha I look forward to the challenge, sir!

oh its going to happen, just give me a few weeks to figure it out

World of Warcraft is for nubs.

I'm in your thread, hatin on your game.

your also in my thread risking your nipples

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If by awesome you mean fail then yes

i seen and tried xperl, grid and all that fun stuff. its just clutter on the screen. couldnt find what i was looking for when i needed to dispell something.

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You just probably couldn't figure out to work it

this may be true, however blizzard ui took me all but 2 seconds to find what i needed. i shouldnt have to mess around with 1,000+ options to make an addon work right

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