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Old Alumni seeking to reconnect, still mainly on xbox

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Lol, hello! I have been away forever.

The sites looking spiffy, works like a charm. Definitely has come along way since AntiTroll Committee.

Like the post implies looking to see if anyone moved back to Xbox. I know a lot of the community switched to PC so I fell out of touch with a lot of people over the years. Still only play on Xbox so if any of the members want to add me back on there let me know. Gamer tag is still: ARMISTICErj.

Never even used discord. I made a account. Any way to see all the connected friends without typing friends in one by one on there? My account ID on there is ARMISTICErj #7543.

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Hey Armi! I know this isn't real recent, but long time, no see!

I'm still an Xbox-er. I have a 1X, though I haven't been playing games much on it lately.

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