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Site SSL (https://) now Live


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I've been trying to keep us as up to date in the web world as possible. So, I've been wanting to enable secure connections for a long time.  SSL or https://gamercide.org is now live and is now the default connection for everyone. You can only access the website through the secure connection now.  However, there are a few things you should know.


You WILL get a prompt or icon showing this page to be not secure on many of the threads and posts you visit.  This is due to the nature of the forum. We will still accept pictures, and videos, and all sorts of embeds that may not be through a secure connection.  In the future, as we post content, if you make sure to use https:// links if they are available (most are) the issue will begin to go away. 


This issue should not cause any trouble viewing the site. However, if there happens to be an embed that is not secure, it will not show unless you explicitly allow it.  I don't believe this will be an issue unless I have things wrong on the back end, so just let me know if you have trouble.


Decent Read on the Subject from Firefox Support

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