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  1. yea.. But nvm, you are still our hero! GJ But, are there those new parameters involved in default server config already? I am guessing that not..
  2. Beta 4 is running for a few hours and everything seems ok.
  3. It's really weird because I had to revert back to beta 1. Because beta 2 was still restarting my server again, again and again without any reason. No matter what I set in my cfg. Really don't know where is the problem. I will do some more tests on my local server, then on my main. 2017/02/26 17:03:47 ConanServerUtility Script V2.11.0-beta.2 Started 2017/02/26 17:03:47 Running SteamCMD without validate. [steamcmd.exe +@ShutdownOnFailedCommand 1 +@NoPromptForPassword 1 +login anonymous +force_install_dir C:\hlserver\27732 +app_update 443030 +quit] 2017/02/26 17:03:51 [My server name (PI
  4. Oh sorry, my bad. I didn't see that. Bhut thx with that "no", it helps ... And my edit about avatars is still in the game.
  5. May I have a fast question? [Daily Restart Hours? 00-23] HotHour1=00 HotHour2=00 HotHour3=00 HotHour4=00 HotHour5=00 HotHour6=00 [Daily Restart Minute? 00-59] HotMin=00 If I just don't want any of that daily restart (just my manual one) may I just erase them or leave that 00? Or is it possible to reduce it on about 4 like, only HH=4, without any issues? I am just curious... Thank you. Edit: Is it possible to revert "AvatarsDisabledSchedule" to be same as buildings dmg. I mean for me it's really difficult to type same time. Let me show you a little example from my server.
  6. What to say... Really great stuff. gj I will test it on my main server later, I have to come back from my business trip at first. But what I've tested on my laptop on the local game, everything seems functional and ok. At least by me. I am really looking forward to try that on the main server.
  7. I'm totally fine with your proposed solution. Thx a lot
  8. Hey, I really love your work, it is great tbh. I really like, that you guys are talking about "Raiding Protection" because i was trying to resolve this situation for my server just today, but not much sucess.. Most of us are probably trying to make something like in ARK or LiF, that you have to set hours for raiding times. BUT if you are talking about building protection, dont forget to make possible disable avatars too. Something like: Raiding Protection (Enable Hours that Raiding is allowed) Avatar Protection (Enable Hours that Summoning Avatars is allowed Ofc with automatic re
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